2003-04-13 @ 5:01 a.m.
another pointless n short entry... go back a few

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okay, so i get in kiels car, we go to dwights, then starbuck were we figure out life hates us, then to in-n-out were we figure out another tidbit to the game-server, then we ...do something?... and then we goto my house, steal granpas 96' Dodge Avenger that i drove down here *had the keyz in mah pocket* we did the run w/ dwight, it was pretty cool, then we got back, dropped of the Avenger *jus think about that name a second.... * .. then we droppd dwight n then me

it was an ok nite

i further realized ch1x0rz are mean, cuz they are... i really hope this doesnt get too bad, cuz i do want ch1xorz eventually... i just want them to grow up a lil...

apparently i mentioned some of my much more un-coolies past to dwight and kiel while drunk.... its stuff i dont even wanna put in here, its that bad... yeah, so hopefully that will distract them from trying to get the DLand shit from me... why cant they wait, itll be coolies once im gone? but yea, whatever...

not much really happend tho... cuz its all late n shit, no one is awake?

so yea... not much really... i think today is sunday?


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