2003-04-12 @ 9:09 p.m.
update'y'ness... pointless tho... lateda

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so yeah.... iv bein sitting around all day... i put drawing online, theys be at ~HERE~ ....

apparently Christina n Lauren gave dwight the Url to my diary... so i had to re-password myself... it pisses me off, alot, and im gonna attack christina once shes back from her vacation.....

and of course, dwight mentioned it to kiel, and thats how they knew to interrogate me... only see, even when drunk, my WillPower outmatches kiel, by, like, X10,000 so im not worried...

and, The Ely calld, i was happy :)... and kiel mentioned some girl he met online n is talking to.. a new victim prolly... hes not letting dwight or Keck meet her, and they got pissed... he told natalie about her, but it was prolly so seeded with lies she thought it was a good thing? *knew there was something different when i got back; kiel gained alot of darkside points!* ... so anyways, he prolly having sex with this new girl, or will be soon enough... and im not gonna think to try n meet/like her, cuz he'd'ave bein there, and/or he told her all sorts of lies about me before meeting me :D

oh, and im not sure i mentioned... girls arent an interest anymore... they suck, im gonna try to not-think about becoming taken.. ill draw or something? i mean, if your a chick, or if any IRL chick starts to like me, then sure, ill go with it.... but other than that, no more... oh, and ill do extremely H4rDC0r3 n stupid shit to impress chickage, like this one thought.. i get my number on a business card or somethin, then go to the chick and hand in to her.... ... while stopped in traffic :D!!! .. itll rock!

plus, short of betray me w/ this diary-thing, and that lameness showd las nite, she was perfect... and so meeting someone like that kinda disinterests me in the general idea of replace her *but think, i was SO enthused to replace jill?* ... yeah, well, whatever... girls are -all- crazy, i mean, its so stupid, there all saying they want someone who cares n shit, but thats a fucking lie! they want to be pushed around and treated like shit so they have something to complain about, cuz there all stupid. if your a chick who thinks im wrong, well, iv prolly tryed to like you n do all the shit girls ask for, and you then prolly turned me down, so yea :P!!! ... except if your new, then ill spare you and let you pretend your right... :D

ack! kiels on his way!



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