2003-04-12 @ 2:59 p.m.
*drawy-ness* and happiness... cuz i kick ass!

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CellPhone: 8212392 , even if iv never talked to you before ever, or if i said you suck, still call!

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Piccy: i keep drawing, cuz i rock... actually, i r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz!!!

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so, my drawing skillz are displayed oncemore... im not fond of the readout on her tho, half cuz its kinda dumb and it was late when i wrote it, and half cuz of the message itself... maby one day ill fix it?


well, to update, las nite it was hard ot sleep, i drew that, scannd it, went to sleep...

mom kept waking me up at all sorts of stupid times, trying to impress granpa n shit... everyone in the family seems to try n impress him, there always all dumb n shit around him cuz hes so fucking cooler than them... mom, michael, rick, my dad, everyone knows they cant ever be as great as he is/was, so try to this stupid shit...

Im gonna do better, because i AM H4rDC0r3, i hav skillz.. its all a matter of tyme.. im not some w34k lil girl who hasta play games...

so now im kinda out-of ideas to draw... ill prolly hve more by tonite

did you like the Ziku drawings? i want feedback, and so far no one who i reply to replys back... its kinda pissin me off... alot

so yeah, i like feedback, often, alot... im not sure if ppl are forgetting this, or if they jus dont care?

i was spoiled by Cable las nite tho... all the slowness page-loady is lame is hell... grr grr grr


i think im gonna go tho... i feel weird from waking up early n im prolly gonna go chill wit friends..


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