2003-04-11 @ 10:13 p.m.
relents ~ update from the g-pa'z crib'

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ok, grr, ill update at granpa *and then clear the temp n shit

ok, to begin

i went to granpa, the first day was pretty boring, i started wroking on the puter, but had no luck since i was under-equipd

today, i woke up WAY too fucking early, went to my granpas retirement party, hes a legend, some .jp d00d flew out from china to coem n offer him a job in China, fer m4d-c4$h ...... a VP at Nikon *yea, he works at Nikon* was there... hes so awesome i dont think i could ever live up to his legacy... prolly thats the reason my father totally failed at everything, he knew he was inferior... me, i think i hav a chance... because all my g-pa has on me is experience n determination... i can do that.. so im gonna try n become important.

i was camera-person during that, afterwards we drove back, i made this broken puter work, then i stopped cuz granpa didnt really care about it that much or something... but still, i turned trash into a working puter.. i feel proud... then i cscanned those drawing, of Ziku, which i drew while bored, w/o helpy-pics to look at, las nite.... then i got online n did stuff

two ppl hav informed me of their likey-ness of my shit... so yeah, i feel coolies!!


im talking to lauren, iv decided to not-rub in the fact everyone says shes wrong... or at least im avoiding that...

i cant wait till i leave, n unlock this for all to see... then they will all trip out n such... ill laugh, alot :D

christina isnt a serious option, agin, the constant mention of every guy *and lauren?* but not me... it doesnt get me jealous, it gets me disgusted n pissed...

but yeah, i have a super-coolies idea fer another few drawings... i will draw them sooner than laterz hopefully.


nitenite all

i want to huggles you prolly... even if you have a few darkside points ... ;)

*is in that huggly mood?*


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