2003-04-06 @ 6:19 a.m.
a busy busy workified day.. ~ lauren didnt call .. ?

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Stuff: Yeah, sometymes life is just weird... read the entry !

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ok, i waited so long to type this, cuz i dont wanna make 4 or 10 useless thinky entry that are shit.. all the good thoughts can wait

so i got up, and actually did shit today.. actually, i did like x40 tymes the amount of work im used to, im tired now

i did 3 straight hours of yardwork.. omg, i better get at least $40

then i chilld abit online, talked to Lacey agin, it was coolies.. emaild christina breifly .. was going to the mall, calld laurens brother to see if he wanted to go.. recruiting him is a kinda-high priority of the Family.. plus i was thinking it might remind Lauren i still exist

but anywayz

i chilld with kiel at the mall, found out no one was showing up, then saw this chick at suncoast.. like, she was alive, not an NPC.. but had no campaign... its like playing starcraft after youv killed all the computers.. you just kinda -build- .. but she was trying to ride kiels jock i think, or myne, either way ->

so we left, went to dwights, watched Aline : resurrection, which i havnt seen.. it was ok, the ending was lame, onfg ... then Dune on DvD ... only it was the extra-short version.. the Princess narrated half the movie away... but kiel n dwight got the point

then we went to kiels paper run... more work, since i helped put the papaers together... then im the one who throws them...

now im here, onto the rantage

all of today i have bein anti-hating-life, for Lauren who happened to not-call today, im hoping sunday will be good on that note... most of the day iv bein on the same train of thought, kinda were my life is at that turning point, an equiliberium, were i can easily make it better, and easily make it worse... and so having a few darkside points around helps, helps build apathy and saves H4rDC0r3 for more-important challenges.. altho today iv spent, like everything.. all this stocked Exp. i had i spent to keep the resources flowing...

*feels drained, but content*

ill be pissed if lauren doesnt call me

now, theres one thing i forgot.. apprently Christina went to Laurens and hung-out... that made me feel very very very very very very weird... like, omg... its totally irrational too, but thats not the point... *doesnt like being talked about behind my back*

im paranoid tho.. im just really hoping things work out... dwight reminded me i have Vodka at his house... so theres a recourse there.,. altho yardwork was a lil scary.. i thought the yard-glass-dirt-stuff would get in the cuts.. it didnt... i wore gloves too, but it managed to seep thru the gloves...

***re-read christinas entry*** ... lauren invited christina... ok, now im a lil concerned... she can call christina to spend hours n hours... but totally ignore me all day... i better go to sleep before i trip out

oh, and if this keeps up, im going back to hating life and all the fun activities that go with it *scowls*

grr! i am not one to be trifled with!!!



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