2003-04-06 @ 1:01 p.m.
grr'ness morning ~ i may be forced back into hating life

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CellPhone: 8212392 , could be the only way to get a hold of me?

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well, forecast predicts that todays gonna suck major ass

altho iv gone quite awhile under extreme conditions not-haitng-life.. for lauren.. im breaking a habit for her.. i hope she likes me more for it :D

all morning my moms bein putting bozes in my room.. i think shes gonna try to kick me out today... she told me to call if i wasnt gonna come home before i went on the newspaper run.. i did.. but it kinda kinda late.... and if she kicks me out fer that, it totally proves her extreme dumbness

talked to christina, who insists i un-care about lauren some and give her space... i already have a plan to deal with both effectively... but of course, i need to actually get to talk to n see lauren first... so the extreme waiting continues

i havta potty, my mouth tastes very un-fun, and i wanna go do something today.. but im afraid of what will happen when mom finds out im awake... fuck.. grr..

so yeah, if i dont update fer hella dayz, that means i was either kicked out, i killd myself, or both. both would suck tho

my cellphone however is always callable, to pretty much anyone, at any tyme... * 8212392 *

but yeah, im also kinda tired...

im gonna go... maby ill survive today



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