2003-03-29 @ 7:24 p.m.
grr'ness ~ lame day w/o Lauren

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Person: Lauren, my fav'est, didnt get to see me, which means today is shit

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today is shit

i woke up too early *like, 10:30am*

i havnt seen Lauren *altho a super-sweet phone call happend and totally brightend my day*

and i had to eat dinner with my family, who suck terrible ass...

but yeah

thats my day so far.. i watched TV alot.. its getting ot the point where iv seen everything on the history channel!! i watched this thing on the AK-47 like, 3 tymes now.. i mean, i like it, and it still interests me.... but its The History Channel and i know the enddings!!!

kiels bein calling, he wants to hang out.. were gonna drive to WL ... *has ph34r*

got notes in reply to my MidNite diary readings... ? ... im curious on why people are liking me now???

I think Lauren is lieing to me to impress me.. well, ok, i dont actually think that, but its a possiblity... i mean, how could she be ~that~ perfect? and then, why would she even want to talk to me, or in that case want to impress me at all? im not cool, i have years of life proving that.. wtf?

i dunno anymore, life got weird.. i mean, it rocks, but this is pretty new-ness

altho normally im apprehensive around new ppl.. but not Lauren.. i mean, even when we met, it was like we knew other from awhile ago.. it had that feeling... .. or im crazy :D

ill stick with the 'im crazy' ...


i shouldnt even be online, its Grans b-day, shes supposed to get calls from relatives


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