2003-03-29 @ 10:55 p.m.
random nite-bored entry .. click back some

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Mood: *is doubting all that is good in life*

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ok, im back.. kiel came, we drove around a lil, then around WL ... his car is scary, both because of its funky-manual-transmission, and its temporal shielding. okay, i drove around WL doing 60-85mph, it takes 3 hours... me n kiel drive around WL doing 50-55mph, and take the longest'er way home, going father from home n taking freeway 99, still doing 55mph ..... its takes an hour


so we go to kiels, try n fix my documents CD, since it broke and so long of worky-ness was destryoed... nope, that CD is on crack ...

so then now im home, with more of my brains "lets start doubting the good stuff"

this thought-train has more to do with the future... see, everything seems to run the same patterns, and even tho this tyme everything is happening different, im inclined to assume things will still end up the same... as in im gonna really start to like Lauren, and then she *for any random reason* will decide i suck, and my life is over... somehow i managed to escape the un-fun w/ christina.. i think the alcohol, then the awesome trip to santa cruz helped save me... and now im afraid, since next weekend im going to santa cruz agin... so that means ample opportunity for Lauren... and dwight still has my Vodka *ok, its not myne, but im the only one they wanna see drunk*

*is dreading the future*

but then agin, im gonna either hear from her laterz online, or trm sometime... and all this un-fun thinky will go away... like, all quicky n like it nenver existed too... jus *POOF* the world is right agin, then she'll havta go fer some reason, then ill miss her, then my brain will start thinking about how much could go wrong... cuz the better things are, the worse they can get. i hate life


im gonna go



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