2003-03-29 @ 3:58 a.m.
4am ~ grness, boredom, more entrys in da past, clicky-clicky-clicky

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Music: Alkaline Trio - did a search on the members area ..

Template: ph34r m4 skillz..

Mood: good, tired, kinda lame, cuz iv totally bein put in my place

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well, i like my new template, and the code is very simple and adaptable.. so i could prolly re-mod it to -any- alkaline trio song, and maby even do metallica songs too? *thinks*

i miss lauren, its 4am

iv read these two diarys... i cant remember the first, maby i didnt read it all the way..?

the other, desperate09, is.. well.... basically my thinky'ness solved all her problems, like, 30 ways ... but my advice isnt really worth much, plus, my problems.. well.. i sit here n bitch cuz im not-taken, and all sorts of petty social things... pretty shallow actually, but agin, im trailing .... my point, read it! im surprized at her, usually ppl in situations similiar end up very un-coolies.. shes managed to build character n have this inner-integrity thing goin' on ... of course, shes kinda out there too.. totally reminds me of micheele, but dwight wasnt mentiond, so im pretty sure that isnt her diary... michelle i doubt even keeps one?

ack! i forgot why im typing this

well... click back alot, this is prolly my 4th'ish entry for today

oh, and i really hope Lauren likes the template.. its also i production of my boredom...


i need sleep... but im kinda glad... i wont havta deal with much of trm.. hehehehe


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