2003-03-20 @ 3:41 a.m.
day with Chrissy .. *sigh*

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Stupid Server update.. im up all nite to post this.. the site -just- came back online

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the server is down, im impatient, typing in notepad

today was, well, all but about 30 mins of today were grr'ness.. but those 30 minz.. today r0xzd

okay, after my last entry i sat around, watched TV, worked on the armor.. i built part of the back-plate, then came inside

it was 2:50

christina calls, and we talk a bit, and then online

i take a shower at around 3:30

leave soon after.. at kiels i call, make sure the plan is still on, its around 4:20; talkd to jill breifly, first on the behalf of dwight.. since he has d2-trading and michelle stuff... then i bragd about christina.. i told jill i was prolly gonna kiss her.. jill had envy, and in a trying to be nice tone shes all "i hope that goes well for you" .. i like winning. i think for once jill might actually be realizing she fucked up.. too bad its too late.

ride to Christinas home, i get there right before dinner *agin* so i wait around awhile, then meet her

we walk peewee, tyme flys

right before her house we stop, at this curb that i think im gonna steal, and designate it 'our curb' ... we talk nervously a bit... it was funny, then i go squat to try n pet peewee.. but peewee normally jus growls.. this tyme he walkd up to me, and let me pet him!!?? christina was in awe..

then, we kinda tlak a lil more, she hasta go.. and the goodbye hug quickly turnd to a goodbye kiss.... and then a few more *which of course further proves my thoery that i r0x0rz at kissing*

then, she actually *and hesitantly* leaves.. i kinda squeal to myself, run to my bike, but call home fer a ride.. mom was gonna to to petsmart, so i met her there

i was raining by then, which suckd.. and she had me help her in the store, and in food4less.. which suckd, then i had to help unload the car, which suckd.. and then DLands server is down, which sucksd

but Emma emaild me with this coolies survey thing, and also a normal-email .. which was cool

Daysighs has no formal definition, so it prolly wont end up in my vocab

and i was planning on expanding the cast anywyas, but it turns out Emma isnt in there.. which made me realize alot of ppl werent in there.... plus i need to make a definitions page, since my slang is quite large now

I ph34r m4 0wn l33t!

but yeah... today..

i need to run more tho.. altho trm i havta go to the navy-office

iv bein thinking about those few seconds ever since they happened... like, its hard to explain, but this was new kinda... like with jill, the first one was very exciting, i could hear my pulse like a hammer slamming the back of my head and i got weak n stuff.. jennifers was kinda.. well.. un-fun .. lilly, kiel, and laura there was almost no feeling... this, well the best way i could think to describe it was comforting.. i felt warm n cuddly n safe... plus, i didnt notice she had chap-stick or something on until after she left.. normally that upsets me, alot... but i didnt notice, basically meaning i was much too involved with the happyness-think to pay attention to the lip-stuff on

and ever since, i want her here, now, more than before.. grr

i think christina is better at kissing than jill tho.. and since jill had the highest rating *at least for me* .. well, yeah... christina won. im sorry, id trade jill for christina now.. why cant christina be kiels cousin ??? grr!?!

like, never before have i had this kinda drawn-in feeling... *sigh* im ranting i little too long tho

i guess its cuz this is the only thing really on my mind

and itll prolly stay that way...

*sighs dreamily*

i cant wait to talk to christina agin tho... :D

now, i need to get a picture of me n her, and/or me n her kissing.. for the template.. cuz thatd fscking rock!!

i already picked out a few more quotes for the next pics...

well, im gonna check DLand agin.. brb

nope.. fuck

well, im gonna save then and go do something else for an hour


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