2003-03-20 @ 3:43 a.m.
if only they knew, if only i knew, and if only christina wasnt grounded

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Car:'95 Geo Prizm - My mom's *drove it today, feels special*

Love: its very hard to deal wit... makes me nervous for sure

Game: StarCraft ->> War on Terror @[email protected] Azure Dreams ->> Life

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okay, now for a more current entry

i vowed to out-wait this server crap .. and i did

watched TV mostly..

so of course my attention turns to Iraq.

now, normally i rant about all sorts of stupid shit, friends and such ....

this is just as trivial to me

all i can think of is playing StarCraft .. hehehe ... like when id take units around the back and attack kiels command center before he could od anything about it .. hehehe.... exploiting human-weakness is the only way to win a war.. the technology, ever since the invention of the gun, has always exceeded human capacity to kill... any machine attached to a gun can kill better than a human... so exploiting human weakness *surprize attacks* is coolies

i want to see the video of Saddams corpse. that will make me giggle

i get deranged when i think tactically

of course, Bush is a piece of shit, and he'll prolly fuck this up too... diplomacy would hav worked, if used properly... now, this war prolly wont end with Saddam, i think saddam was only a front to get the ball rolling.. look at a fucking map.. what country sit next to iraq, and supply incredible amounts of Oil? ill give you two guesses, and if you look at that map, you'll kno to guess SAUDI ARABIA!

yep, its over for the middle east... who said the crusades ended in the middle-ages? its over for muslims, convert now, save yourself the fucking trouble... meanwhile if someone calls me christian they might get punched.. the bible is a reference, as if being american means you havta read the dictionary and watch "Grease" every day... politics and religion make me rant for hours....................... both are very involved in this War. War on fucking everything.. well, everything white middle-class american is afraid of *which stoppd being black ppl once those dumb white dude figured out how to make money off them* ...

must not be political

must not be political

okay, trying to go back into more normal ranting

christina.. still thinking about it... about everything.. and still nervous, moreso than before i think... because before i didnt wanna mess things up... now, the stakes are higher, and its still just as easy to mess things up...

***turns off background TV.. it got annoying***

but yeah, in three hours she'll call, and ill talk to her, and itll rock

every tyme im scheduled for a navy-thing i slept odd the nite before... i find that a lil weird..?

and of course, one of the things i hate saying, aminly because i fear it so much. i think im falling in love... and thats means it over fer me... Its Over... *sigh* life is never easy

altho of KoC, i went on the foroms, and devised a coolies battleplan... now im afraid to have ppl click my link.. i need that tyme to build my killy-skill.. see, people rape other ppl fer gold, so saving up means you get attacked... instead, your supposed to spend cash quickly, until you have awesome attack forces, and go attack, like, 40 ppl in a few minutes... then take all that cash and buy more attack stuff imediately... and thats how the top killy-ppl stay top killy

still feel free to click0rz that link tho :)

im gonna try to sleep now... try being the key word

*huggles christina*

nitenite fer nows


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