2003-03-19 @ 12:16 p.m.
a grr'ness morning

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Im picky and rude.. grr

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im awake agin, its after-noon

well, i guess gran didnt need me to help her afterall?

it feel like life is doing one of those "moment your entire life depends on" things.. everything is boiling down to one moment... these are scary

Dawn told me to stop being scared, to burn that point of H4rDC0r3 and stop being a lil girl **deja-vu, grr*** so i will, i was going to... but still, i dunno

***dedicates the 12:34 to christina, cuz i can***

talked to kiel on the cellphone fer a bit, both today n yesterday.. today was about applying online at walgreens, the other was about natalie, and that she came crawling back...? wtf? but yea, it happened at 3:18pm, so kiels life in fact did not end.

my computer hates me, and isnt loading the sites nearly as fast as it could, and is all weird-ifyd'ing them ... gr

can wait till christina calls, then we can arrange peewees walk.

and then IE crashes

well, im gonna fight my puter fer dominanace...

oh, one last thing i thought of earlyier... i hate waking up to no-email and no-entrys from ppl... i like to hav stuff to read in the morning



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