2003-03-12 @ 11:45 a.m.
awakeness entry.. grr at life

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im having dreams agin.. im scared...

the first was fairly un-important, i cant remember.. Christina interupted that one.. i talked with her.. *sigh* the grounding pisses me off... then i sleep.. im having this really sweet dream.. i drove my car to 'mid town', which doesnt exist irl, it was a cross between downtown roseville and old-sac .. creepy, yet elegant.. that place i think was in a previous dream tho? whatever, it was over the riverside overpass a-ways ... i ended up walking about in the middle of the night, i was in bootcamp, altho im not sure wtf was happening.. finally, im writing a letter to Christina.. omg, so romantic...

Laura calls... that pissed me off.. i didnt recoqnize the number tho, so i thought maby it was Christina at skoo? no, it was laura, i figured it out after hearing her voice.. she wanted me to come to the pak n hav sex wit her 12 friends...? No, i told her about Christina breifly, then wanted to sleep... shes all like" oh, we'll be here till 10, i love you" ... wtf? im getting more aggrivated by the second, im all "im sorry" in a terse manner.. grr.. but eventually i got to sleep

the next dream was very involved.. lots of walking, riding, event-stuff.. in the beginning dwight was trying to impress two fine chicks, he told them about my shield, and i was gonna put a spider on it?? he was trying to help pay for something they wanted

later i walk to some school, and call some girl *???* to ask what school she went to.. I wasnt anywhere close *it might had been Ali?* ... but whatever, i walk past this mini-skoo of to the side, everyone was all sad n stuff.. some crazy lil motorbike-thing person went thru oncoming thaffic and barely survived.. that was weird, then i car-ride with diwght.. there was water n shit everywhere??..? ... then im at this funky restaurant, and this server-chick asks me to whisper a secret inot the candle... and this is the creepy part.. I whisper that i might be falling in love with Christina and Becky ... imess up tho and say 'mandy' then studder n say the rest... everyone heard 'mandy' tho and told me i was wrong, altho the didnt hear the rest... i kno the mandy part was wrong, its more like mandy is to dwight what christina is to me... new-g/f-type that we reall hope works out... Becky however, i think i already had this rant.. and i also realized that its becoming about a year since me n becky met... very creepy. however, becky is 300 miles away, and strongly holds the position of 'just-friends' ... and i dont plan on changing that... still, a creepy dream

i was about to get to eat at this restaurant.. actually what happend was i ate some wax, and my mouth was dry, so i was hoping to get some root-beer ... but kiel calls n interupts... so whatever

i talk a bit, he wants me over now

fuck him, ill be over when -I- feel like it

so yeah

dreams scare me

and i prolly wont get to see Christina today :(

i breifly consider jus sleeping until trm, trying agin.. but no, thats a bad idea ... poor kiel, todays his b-day



it was a lil odd, the MSN Today popup, that i usually close w/o thinking.. it had a "3 steps to the perfect kiss" article.. i read it, knew pretty-much everything they had to say.. but it was good to re-hear

i think Christina should ask to go to kiels party... itd be funny, even if she gets a "No!" ... unless asking would make matters worse.. then she shouldnt

wow, i had alot happen today...

*huggles Christina*


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