2003-03-13 @ 11:01 a.m.
Dland server down, yesterday n waking up today ~ lots of Christina :D

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i just woke up.. DLand was down las nite, so heres a phatty rant you missed ::

in case everyone else didnt notice, the server is being -moved-.. that means an already 'grr'nessd me cant type an entry.. so im in Notepad

today was ok

you heard about ym morning

only 4 parts good about today.. 2 youv heard,*phonecall n dream* the other two were more phonecalls with Christina

kiels party was Medeocre at best... boring, lots of jill trying her stupid shit, more boring

then i get home to an email from Christina.. i liked it, to the point it ispired a long rant... and of course, every tyme i rant i get afraid..

but to rant about something less-pleasant -> jill ... see, last tyme she did all that lil stuff i broke down.. i think you may remember ... the talking to whoever was in earshot, the flirty lil tone, the dressing different, the walk, etc... she would always stay very far out of sight whenever i wanted her around.. now that id rather avoid her, shes everywhere..... this tyme tho it pisses me off, its a constant reminder that shes evil, and would rather me be miserable and liking her than happy with someone else...

meanwhile on different fronts-> beckys having trouble with her funky-b/f, alyssa im pretty sure is fed-up with Keck, and would rather be done with him.. today she was about to get -very- flirty with me, but stoppd, respectfully, since she remembered about Christina ... but the gesture is the same... plus, everyone seems to be having relationship trouble but me... yeah, grr. I think if today I had pulled Alyssa aside, used my l33t-skillz, then within a week itd be me... the DM does this stuff to spite, or tempt me... It wont work tho, mainly cuz of Christina. A very good point she brings up~> we hav alot in common, and are very compatible. Im growing very fond of her, every day seems to make the day befor it seem bland by comparison... i want to sleep, waiting for the next day, the next phonecall, the next visit... *sigh* ...

and that very long email shes gonna wake up to.. well, im hoping for the best

Also, pray for Dwight! he's gonna try n talk to Mandy soon, to get wheather or not she likes him... that alone is important, but also pray he has the inner-strength to go one more step, to actually not-be a lil-girl and ask her out... he must bid the H4rDC0r3 and triumph!

now see, i manage somehow to jus un-lil-girl myself after about an hour of being a lil girl and get stuff accomplished... usualy i end in d3f34t tho, since chicks generally hate me.. the rare few that dont *about 1 out of every 150 serious candidates* i get a chance... of course, usually i blow my chance within a week or two, thereby ruining that prospect. Christina is special.. or lucky... or both.. Iv managed to stay in her favor and progress. and strangely enough, one'a the main things that i like in a girl is when she actually likes me back. so yea, Christina :D

even this is getting long, and i really dont have much important to say... basically -> I Like Christina.

nitenite fer nows

I will slay all who oppose me..

or just go around them



*huggles Christina*



now, for the today part

i wake up to Christina calling, which r0x ... we *okay, she* talks fer awhile, emails back.. i was very curious, but managed to fall back to sleep

i had a really crazy dream.. i was in some state that isnt Cali, and were this band of bounty hunters or something? ... but slightly before that i was almost eaten by a shark, then chased by some worker-NPC who i had to kill... then dwights dad was mad at us fer making so much noise; i decided to take all the blame to diffuse the trouble-ness dwight was in.. later were all getting ready fer this bounty-hunter thing, i kept wanting to be a droid or somethin.. it got weird.. but finally i woke up


bein awake means checking email, right? so i of course rush straight to Christina replys.. now im all like *awwww* ... i ph34r for her tho.. i really do hope things go well :D?

she had some plan, getting dwight to hav her bring her here or somethin? i dunno, but if it works, that'd rock :D

i miss her.. not-seeing her fer multiple days sucks, but at the same tyme, it does incorporate the best part about long-distance relationships... we cant spend SO much tyme together we get sick of each other... :D

but yeah, the email she spent, very coolies indeed :)

waking up itself tho sucks.. all that work n prep n sleepyness... yeah, grr

im gonna go do that now

*looking forward to seeing Christina; hopes its today*

beybye fer nows


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