2003-03-06 @ 12:53 p.m.
Waking up , Zeroe'd in on medicine ~ Am I WakingUp At All Today?

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i read an inspiring rant on www.megatokyo.com las nite, and worked on the armor...

i tore off the entire bottom section of jap-tin, so now its in the two sections i need it to be, and i cant do any more work until i hav tin-shears and/or a torch fer welding.. or a drill n bolts?

so yeah...

not much else happend.. got online real quick on d2, traded all my p-gems for two sojs .. yes, now i am l33t, for i hav sojs'

i at least -feel- cool

there clean too, not those icky hacked ones, they only hav the four-mods.. not those creepy, 18 like the hacked ones hav... *feels so special*

then i had a dream, but i thankfully cant remember :D

i need to go to the Navy office today.. this is gonna suck...

i dont kno my 11 general orders... actually, i was told to kno the first 6.. i dont.. by today im supposed to be able to recite from memory.. i cant

i hate life

im gonna recite them over n over on the walk there... the walk that starts at 3

i havta be there by 5

its now 1

no word from dwight or christina

that sux

***recite the oreders***

ok, maby there is hope

im gonna go.. im not sure what ill be doing tho.. theres not much left to do really... maby clean the metal i workd on all nite?



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