2003-03-06 @ 11:26 p.m.
Christina ~ day ~ no day ~ The Ring

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well, i had a day :D

but first, id like to rant a lil

first, im supposed to be on D2 with my friends... but im not

second, christina emaild ppl n updated her site, but didnt reply to my email

third, no sign of ohio-jill.... im worried

fourth, i paused a moment to lie to dwight; whos wondering where i am

and finally, im jus pissed off... im not getting my way, im sad.. someone put a sign on my car, saying theyll buy it if its for sale............ and id sell it for $3000 ..... ... im selling out.. im gonna cry ....


i woke up, sat around forever, no word from christina, got ready to leave at 3:00

christina calld, looking for dwight, he was supposed to pick her up,

i said if i saw him id hav him call.

then i rollerblade to kiels, then the navy office

lateda, saw fine chicks there, not sure what to do?

its 7:30

dwight picks me up *didnt expect that*

i tell him to call christina, he replyd "why dont you call her" ... okay, he ditched her, what i am supposed to do about it???????????????

so then the nite, lateda, went to dwights

watched the ring, which seriously put me on edge... that lil girl...

now im home


my life isnt fun, dont even dare say you wanna try it

Christina had a poem, im jacking it::

We were just beginning

I didn't know your name

you were there with everybody

walking in the rain

I didn't have to tell you

you didn't have to ask

I knew that we'd be friends forever

I knew that we could last

Tried to show you all that I believed

how you are to me

more than I could ever think or dream

You're all that a friend can be

I remember walking with you

in the summer late afternoon

looking out for something to do

but if I don't know where you are

you will always be in my heart

all along we knew we would part

I could understand you

and you could make me laugh

I never meant to take it for granted

all the time we'd had

and so the time is here now

we're going to part

and now I'm going to take you with me

if only in my heart


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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