2003-03-05 @ 10:01 p.m.
day~christina~didos n JohDa

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Midi: Its the Bubble Bobble Theme Song! who could resist? plus, its a midi imbued with the essense of H4rDC0r3, and

Future: Depends on what other people do and say. *AS ALWAYS*

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Okay, im updating now cuz i hav a day

dwight calls, telling me hes got Christina, and is coming over

so, i hurry to be ready, wear my coolies clothes *i think she digs the H4rDC0r3* , and i go wit them

we drive around, waste tyme, eventually pick up kiel ... i think he tryd to start mojo'ing.. i saw it.. it was there, but only i little...

Well, fuck them all, I call her! even if Dwight himself took her, id get my ass kickd everyday until he either gave her up, or killd me.

but yet, im not really into her.. its hard to explain?? id havta kno she likes me, id havta kno...

we stop by her home, cruise somemore, then drop her home.. i got a hug *blushes* ... no one else got a hug

shes, like, perma-grounded, i never heard why exactly... well, to my surprize, *and dismay* its because she got pregnant, and had to abort the kid.. oh god, i hate life ... and thats prolly why im un-interested'ing... i mean, if she initiates this, ill go along... but im thinking it really isnt worth going full-on for

AND~ since i frequently get smote, shes gonna hella like me now~!!

then somemore day w/o her, it was a lil lamer.. shes having friend-problems, i jus chilld wit ppl ..

we all got together, first for some dido-fighting, then to travis's to play Star Wars *which im very un-interested in nowadays*

but during the session, someone used 'the yoda box' .. so of course, whenever kiel said something that came from 'the yoda box' i did a voice-over ..... and slowly but surely, the evil alter-ego JohDa came forth.. and yeah, i can ph33l JohDa's evil within me... *lolz* ""hmmMMmmm, bend over and show me your darkside you will, yyYYesss.. ""

so yeah,

then keck drove dwight home, then drove me home

talk'age about Dwight, michelle n mandy occured.. since michelle, who dwight is all love-ifyed over came back from some sort of oblivion and mandy, who he likes alot, is still supposed to be getting her chance...

yeah, dwights life is complicated too, but in the 'cant decide which girl, they both like me' ... where myne is 'all these girls wont ever like me, so which do i choose?'

i hate life

i set up jills puter for internet.. and since we are both on the same CD-Key, i cant play, cuz shes on b.net


im just sitting here... i got an email from Christina, it was contact info... i emailed back.. not too long, but also not too important..?

trying hard not to mess things up, or get anywhere?

im gonna stop typing

i havta seen new-ohio-jill online, fuck



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