2003-02-02 @ 3:40 a.m.
life is a lil funner when played HarDC0r3 BumStyle

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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Eeepp... i feel weird... going back toward once-a-day entrys ... life slowly becoming happy

woke up, called natalie n kiel *or they calld me, whatever* got online a lil, calld by laura

went to laura

we went to my home n hung out n ate

then went to target, where i bought her rollerblades... then we went thru the mall, then to my home, then to her, then rollerblading at the skoo ... then we were gonna go to mongolian BBQ, but it was too late, so we ate at jack-in-the-box... then we had a breif discussion about kissing, and how it wasnt gonna happen .. *yea, i got sadded* ... then she went home

I go to kiels. Eeep.

they are all 'grr!' .. but i kinda disway them... i was ognna go home, but that was more furl for the fire.. so i said, 'fsck them, ill say' ...

dwights home had this weight-bar-thing, and everyone took turns... im one'a the less-strong, so i had to burn H4rDC0r3 instead of a physical trait... but i was lifting weights that i couldnt before

then, i was challenged to run home, and get my 15lb weights, so i do

i ran home, got calld by jeff who wanted a ride to game to talk w/ alidia...? but im running, so he had to call back, he instead goes to dwights

i get the weights, play w/ them on the way back, even run a lil... get there, a movie is on, the movie ends, jeff left, dwights asleeping... i confirm their lameness, but then kiel n travis want to do somethin... we decide to go bum-hunting ... we want to attack them because they steal our Exp, and they might hav the secret-zombie-slaying-technique ... but we dont find one, even in the car

we go to safeway, decide to buy 3 donuts fer 99cents ... then the cute-safeway-chick was there.... they tell me to be a man n handle my business, dont be a lil'girl ... fsck.

so, i use my few remaining H4rDC0r3 to come up with the funniest line -> okay, shes on the soup/salsa/mexican'ish eisle. .. so i go up and say "me n my friends are having a party, do you know where the salsa is?" she look at me with her beautiful green'ish-blu eyes and points to the salsa .. i say "oh shit! im so dumb, i once actually lost my number .. oh wait, that was today -> can I have yours?? *smiles*"" ... she looks at me, looks away, and says "no."

im like "ok" walk off, meet back up with travis n kiel ... we buy the donuts..... and guess who rings us up; rebecca, the cute-safeway-chick i just said that line to... oh god

but, it was funny, cuz we kinda pretended nothing happend even tho we were all smiling at each other...

we get in the car, decide we cant find a bum, drive kiel-n-travis to kiels home, then home myself

now im here

need to spend more time doing fun stuff

trm im gonna help mom find a new car, clean the backyard a lil, clean my room , and maby spend some tyme with laura, even tho shes gonna she around all day

Im starting to not-like spending time with her... im thinking she might be the evil one. ... eep.

i almost feel asleep... i better go do that fer reals


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