2003-02-02 @ 11:06 p.m.
day-wit-laura ~ im not un-happyd :)?

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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i wake up this moring bout 30 seconds before laura calls... she wonders where i am, its 10:47

im curious too, but im also asleep, so fsck her...

i wake up, find out mom isnt going to look at the car, so i go get laura, we come back, she eats, i kill the green-stuff in the backyard, we talk n stuff ... im kinda tired n procrastinate, she tackles me, i throw her over... i look down at her, she smiles...


then she moves upwards, to the side, i kiss the side of her head...

we go to Toys R' Us n hang out awhile, talk about the way things were... we drive awhile

we get back to my home, dwights callz n comes over.. we talk with dwight, and hav a plan

i get a bottle n mix laura a drink *Vodkezer n Sunkist* ... we go rollerblade at mariposa park, we go some others places *i think* we went to dwights to get some money, and then to Mongolian BBQ ... we ate *lauras drunk* and then we walked to dwights work, walked back to the car, drove to my home

from my home we went walking, to the school, we split w/ dwight fer a bit, laura used kiels home to potty *altho kiel wasnt home* , then around the skoo... then we re-found dwight, walked back to my house ... went in, where laura pleaded *and convinced* me to both get her another drink, and let her watch my porno ... it wasnt very interesting, since when ppl are around that part of my brain doesnt turn on ... i jus sit, watch...? then i see that it late, so we take laura home, i talk wit dwight a lil on the way to his home, and now im here... during the while at my home, laura mentioned that i had a chance to kiss her today... but it didnt happen, she doesnt kno why... and i tell dwight my reasoning for liking laura, how i can relate so very well to anything she has to say...

***intermission, calls laura***

i let laura borrow my cellphone.. i was very un-trustful, but i gave in to her anywayz...

she calld kiel, only talkd fer a few seconds, then he calld her back 5 minz later... they talkd, she was drunk, he told her everything she wantd to hear and she was drunk enough not to care. She told me she told him that if i calld i would be more important.. :) ... she managed to talk her way out of being stabbd in the head... but still, im disappointed. She said the funniest thing tho, and thats what made me crack.. i had to give in "i had such a great day today with you, how we went to toys r us, and you playd with my hair and we held hands... and we watchd porno." ... i laughed... couldnt help it...

but anywayz... there is still hope, im still happy...

im gonna sleep... trm is gonna start way sooner than i could hope for...

nitenite fer nows


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