2003-01-30 @ 11:43 p.m.
Laura~lifes oddness~decisions(kinda)~n stuff..?

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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Okei....I have nothing to really say except you're
in between!!!! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!

Will you die in seven dayz?
brought to you by Quizilla

okay, i go to the park, we were all gonna play tag.. i use my l33t ninja skillz to get within 20 ft of them all w/o them knowing.. but kiels infinitely scary spot check saw me...

we play awhile, i can outrun anyone i kno, some creek-hopping ... theres this bum who keeps yelling from far away

we get the idea to either kill him for taking our Exp. , or get the secret bumstyle zombie killing technique form him... so we use our wilderness-lore to acquire natural weaponry, then hunt the bastard down .....

he disappeard!

so, we talk awhile, laura calls, we walk awhile, go to dwights

i get bored, walk halfway out, kiels all: "you havta promise your not gonna go see laura" .. then dwights mom interrupts "bring dwights work clothes back!" .. i say "ok, i will" .. i close the door and run

kiel trys to chase me, but agin, i can outrun him :)

i get my near-gasless car, drive to lauras ... chill, waiting fer a call cuz calling her iz creepy

no call

i give up and leave, call natalies cell, shes very mean: "well maby if you hung out with your friend instead of fucking laura" and hangs up.. so im thinking about how to impress them.. laura calls, i go back to her home, we hang out awhile talk... only about 25-30% kiel convo ... shes learning.. im starting to really like her *sigh*

Bre calls, shes drunk somewhere in marysville... she has a b/f tho, so shes none of my concern

Seraphina didnt call, and hasnt replyd to 'Whatca doin??" for awhile now... so...?

Ali says she doesnt hate me... shes jus not willing to put any tyme towards me whatsoever :) nice


um, yea, life is doing fairly well

My Hope is learning to live w/o kiel... im starting to want her more n more... i ph34r for her.... and at the same tyme, i dont want to fall for her, because ill lose my friends, and ill be alot of work n stuff... and resource to get there, etc... *sigh*

grr... decisions...

why cant tihngs be easy? *lolz at self, this is way easier than a few dayz ago*

well.. um... im gonna type alot to ppl online, then spank it, then sleep



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