2003-01-30 @ 5:43 p.m.

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~ Okay, sometymes even in a decent mood these things annoy me.. sorrys :P

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well, theres bein another attack upon my H4rDC0r3 defensez... but i bid enough to overcome them

laura talked to kiel instead of calling me, interacted with him today at her own expence, and then complains to me.. i tell her shes bad fer doing those things, she got what she deserved, and that im sorry shes sad...

we talk awhile, she trys to kiss me while im on the phone wit dwight... i stop her, we talk about it later... i very suspicious move onher part.. she didnt want to after her attempt...?

so then shes leaves, i call dwight, and everyones all mean.. so fuck them.

In The Ear.

called Bre, told her concerts arent quite my thing, she talked breifly about having a b/f.. so shes outta the picture

i hate jill.. she keeps existing, which mkaes me sad on the inside... hurts even... i hate her so badly

*stops that train of thought*

laura is cute tho. i jus wish she'd stop trying to be all up on kiels jock

Piper and her evil zombie-ness has bein seeping towards our lives still... she told evan *some fatguy* that i was gonna move in wit her and date her... wtf? Id date -Dwight- before her. Eww..

shes not even a good kisser :P

Seraphina didnt call... kinda sad about that... being poor sucks

I rememberd i hav the ring i was gonna marry jill with, and maby i could pawn it off for some extra cash... but then i felt horrible about that idea, she did mean alot to me once, i shouldnt forsake that ....

I feel like saying "I Hate Life"... but i dont, i kno my ultra-l33t-skillz can kick this piece of lifes ass :D

so im happy


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