2003-01-23 @ 2:44 a.m.
quickie before sleep ~ *--- Playing To Win ---*

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CellPhone: call it :P 8212392 ... wait too long, you might get Ali?

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Mood: Its Tyme You Learned JUST Who You Picked A Fight With!!!!

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okay, breif update before sleep

Laura's back, and I really hate it when girls know -just- what to say .. fuck.. im too gullible.

Not The Point.

Im still not taken or anything close, and so im prolly gonna try for another stroll to BV trm, and i kno i havta go to the Navy Office trm anywayz .. ill try to be there 5:30

im gonna try to be at BV at 2:30

if i happen to do -both- .. then im in the same area... but what exactly do i do in the meantime... its not like i can go home.. id get home at 4:30-5 ... maby to the mall?

Ali isnt going to get to stay passive. I really hate that whole "lets play things out" .. iv heard that os many tymes i want to scream! And all the -wrong- things play out. So im gonna take a stand

Life isnt gonna push me around anymore, im sorry. This isnt how I want to live, so im not going to. End of story!

Hannah *the reviewer* said she'd come back, but I didnt see her add me her buddies.. so i dunno... i think the question was hypothetical, like 'would' you???

I was looking forward to that too :(

maby she'd enjoy my super-H4rDC0r3-l33t-sk1llz

Im really wondering if im a good kisser... im not sure if iv posted that rant or not .... no, i dont think so

Okay, i kiss Jill, were together 20 months... I kiss Jenifer, she says she loves me in 4 weeks, but i mess it up in 5 ... I kiss piper, and suddenly i go from "hes an okay guy thats interesting" to "Hes really wonderful once you gets to know him, and very interesting" *hey, im interesting too, so what?** ... so yeah, and even when i was drunk and kissed kiel ... I heard no complaints. Actaully, right after that he was trying to get me down his pants *altho i insist i didnt buff cock*

so, as anyone would guess, curiousity is the worst way to have me, i must take a poll ... or at least get a somewhat new/neutral opinion. My guess is laura.

Yeah, i suck, am stupid, and awful -> but fuck you, its my life. If anyone has a problem they should have bein quicker to try and stop me!

But, unlike last tyme, I am NOT being used*well, for anything i dont want to be* ... i will not be her link to kiel, in fact, ill be trying to keep them apart more than ever.


Im really growing fond of the give-my-cellphone-to-Ali idea... id finally get to talk to her, and itll prove im not jus some dumbass NPC. I mean business.

Im so cute in pigtails... I setup my webcam for Becky, but she left right as i got back from setup ... damn... and i was -so- cute.


maby if your on Yahoo! at the right times youll see it?

i n33d sleep, i hav a day planned


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