2003-01-22 @ 11:30 p.m.
Its Tyme You Learned....

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Mood: Its on. nothings gonna stop me now... A-Blazin

Person: Ali, the closest one to stoping this.... But she wont *Optomisism is a lie, i dont like lieing *

Future: A-Blazin. No more un-H4rDC0r3-w34k JonNy G. Its fsckin on!!!

*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >

Im getting to that happy little breaking point.

So, tymes up, games over.

The little happy-tyme I had earlier is over. Im now going to kick some ass.

This is A-Blazin : Step 1

I run around doing everything Iv wanted but never did since I thought the future was important. Its really not.

Im gonna go talk to alot of irl ppl the next few days.

I sent Ali an email.... super-H4rDC0r3 all the way...

This is me formally saying "Im dumb, God, I blew all my chances; Now im gonna go make my own"

I saw that dream, i havta go do something.... I cant sit here waiting for the click-me button to po-up... I havta go click it my own goddamn self.

The next part is where I start useing irreplaceable resources, In a last attempt for survival.

And the third, I might as well be dead ;) and a few others will follow suit.

Iv hit Step 1 once before. It was scary...

Im sorry, everyone,

Its Tyme You Learned JUST Who You Fuckin Picked A Fight With!!!

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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