2003-01-18 @ 10:32 p.m.
fucking lame ass day, but at least theres a nice part :D?

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Mood: 'reset' button ; Not too happy ; I need a hug (Or A Drink!)


Future: Christiana says she needs tyme; And trm is the soonest I can drink agin

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okay, today may be becoming the worst day of my life.

I have basically spent all day trying to organize my next drunken stupor... and in the process i hav lost all my friends *except kiel n natalie* and my car is dying, and i was pull-over

Everyone came for that stupid party for jordan who jacked my liquor, realized in determined to enjoy tonite, they all realized their hypocrisies and left. My car i found, was leak trasnmission oil at a very scary rate... if i was leaking blood that fast... id be busy with a will :(

then, i was pulled over for that FUCKING SEAT BELT AGIAN! yeah ... i cant fix it till monday.

but, whatever

im pretending to email ppl i kno online who have their own homes. Im really here only to update n talk to ali.

speaking of which.. i saw Timothy Goebel on TV today.. he was gonna skate, but then stuff happened, i got distracted, and didnt actually see anything.

I also watched the beginning and end of the kinds game

first they were winning *in the 20's-ish* then by the 4th quarter, they were 108-105 ... they suxd tonite. Everytyme i watch a kings game they both lose, and lose by not-that-much in the early 100's

so yeah

today suxd

but, I am getting top talk with Ali, so im doing better...?

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