2002-10-21 @ 10:55 p.m.

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today was the first tyme i drove to college...

I woke up at fsckin 6:15; left by 6:30

got to skoo at 7:30

saw Jennifer at 8:10; bad news.

apparently some kid who sucks, who lives down the street from her saw us kiss. Now, that isnt the worst part ... *like i cared?* ... well, he told his mom *WTF* who told Jenifers mom *fsck*

so she decided we should cut back. I didnt agree; but since I care about her ill comply, partially, temporarily ..

and then she goes to class, i sleep, she comes back, we chilld, ate, she left...

i did work at da library, saw Sarah, which was odd, she sat next to me... which is, like, mathematically impossible *the line is, like, always 5-40 ppl long* ...

then went to Jennifer math class, sat n stuff, help w/ some, she walked me to art

art was kinda boring, ok...?

then english, which was kinda boring, okay.. agreed to go to this play-thing on the 7th ..?

then i tryed to find Jennifer, had 45 minutes so spend wit her... but she was gone *grr*

and then i went to the training, got there 50 minz early, explained my bad-luck-ness. then made friends with the supervisor thats training me. the training only lasted till 7:15 somehow? .... so then i breifly looked fer jennifer agin, then went home...

but actually went to Jillz, took her home w/ me..

but actually went to AutoZone, got some horsepower-improver-engine-treatment-stuff :) ... then went home

fer reals,

Jill saw sage-the stanky mutt; and talked to ppl a bit, then we went to her home...

i saw Kiel there, we chilld, he hooked up the CD playa, sw33t...

then went crusin'

went to visit jordan, chilld, talked, surveyd the car, all approve of its l33t.

then drove to kiels home, then myne ..

now im here.

I was surprize to find out that ppl still read this? smushy *joanne* sent me a note, congratulating me on my car. w00t.

i watch scratch n burn on MTV; prolly the funnest thing ever. i can relate tho....

now im here.. nuthin to do... kinda tired...



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