2002-10-23 @ 10:23 p.m.

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Yeah, im that busy...

i didnt update last nite. I feel awful. I didnt hav the tyme ...

yesturday was tuesday... woke up, philosophy, chilld wit jennifer, found out we were both mad at each other, is was even kinda cute. She read the entry about goin to Jillz house *monday* and past entry about other chicks... she had ph34r, but im not cheating on her, nor would I ever... so yeah. If i wanted some other girl, then id go get some other girl and dump Jennifer. Currently i want no other girls, in fact, i want more tyme with the one i hav... tyme is a very important issue; and a resource i am lacking.

so then CSc10, evil evil computers *grr* then drove jennifer around, we ate at wendys, then dropped her off n went home... and worked on that stupid fscking essay fer english.


i woke up this morning and worked on the essay for english. fsck that. i finished it, and then left for skoo ... and printed it, and saw jennifer, chilld breifly, and went to art, which was fairly boring, and then english... i hav ph34r, my essay - and i think chickage is after me. The same things happening wherever i go ... chicks dig me... Why Now!? Why the fuck now!?!? Why not when I was so lonely, crying myself to sleep, pondering the reset button!?!? -> well, oh well, their loss :) they should'a thought of that! Jennifer knew what was up, and she won. Fair and Simple. :)

oh yeah, then after english, chilld wit Jennifer, ate chinese food,which was awesome, did the homework for my work, which suxd, then went to work.

work was lame. At first, i was in the zone, i knew the answers, i rocksxd. But then, we get into the actually talking part, i am not l33t, and therefore, i had deserved d34th. i got pity, from, like, everyone,. i amused them with my follys. At least that went well? i mean, i made some really dumb mistakes. i was supposed to ask "Does anyone in your household work for a mathing-gift company" .. and I say "Are you have a gift making company?" ........ yeah ..

so im gonna havta practice. Im gonna try it on my friends maybe; ill call and see if i can get them to donate. ..?

so then after giving everyone i good laugh, i go home.

Im getting paid to be trained. Sweet.

Im really sorry for not updating. I hope you can forgives me... *wants forgiveness*

.. im sorry


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