2002-10-20 @ 10:24 p.m.

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i wake up late, get ready and buy the car.

offered $2300, the guy wanted $2590, and the bluebook value was $4200. i got a deal, sweet deal.

so then i go home, do a little housework, and then go crusin, went to jills n talked a bit, went to jeffz;

me, jeff, n anthony went to JCPenney, saw Jennifer, she didnt seem happy, we spent an hour or few tryin to find some laptop place i saw one day, no luck, went to carls jr n got food, ate da food at jeffz, then went to try n buy this adapter thing, but everywhere closed at fsckin 6 *it was 6:10'ish* so fsck that, we go to jeffs, chill abit, play ps2, then i go to my home;

see two episodes of TNG, then spend an hour tryin to find my parking permit.

^^my day

and now about my car...

its a '92 Mustang, DarkBlu *same as the other one*, V4 *yes, V, as in not straight-block*, all the electronic parts actually wrok!, a/c, cassette-stereo, all the lights n shit; but its not a convertible, but it wont leak in the winter, so :)

I think im falling in love agin <3


i need sleep, gotta wake up hella early, need to show Jennifer the car, and do some on-campus typey-paper-stuff.

but yeah, sweetness indeed.



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