2002-10-15 @ 10:03 p.m.
w34k day, tired, lil'rant

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Gold: I need gold agin! i need a card in which to purchase gold! grr!! GRRRR!!!


im tired :P i need more sleep

went to skoo, printed my philosophy paper, chilld, went to philosophy, chilld wit jeniifer, went to CSc10, passed a test *hopes*, chilld wit Jaycee *not anything to do wit chiiling wit Jennifer :)* ... CSc10 lab thing was long.. questions.. grr.. typing ...

had to potty since, um.. before CSc10, got home and did that :D

sat around, saw Star Trek TNG ; it was the second episode of when picard gets assimilated by the borg. Sweet.

um ... my day was w34k. I want a car

I ph34r fer Jennifers safety ... alot

but I came upon an odd thought -> Jennifer is so awesome, i cannot even begin to describe; but somehow, its just not working for me ... basically, i think id enjoy this relationship more if she didnt like me. Which is porlly the craziest thing i have ever thought. I think iv bein conditioned to enjoy rejection... which isnt a good thing ...

so im thinkin on a solution ... the only one i can think of is to try and change my brain deffinition of 'enjoyment'? ... its so weird to, because when i imagine her acting like any of the other girls iv liked; I start to feel in love ... then i remember that she actually likes me.. and....

Im so fscked up.

thankfully Jennifer doesnt frequent the diary often, or at least, that is the assumption based on the only time i ever saw her reading it..???

but anyways, that gives me tyme to fix my cross-wired brain :D with a dull butterknife if necessary... ;)

But, I know for a fact that i like her, because she is coolies, a hav no tangible reason not-to; and every reason to continue ->

I think I just havta get used to her; wit the whole actually liking me back the same way i like her, tongue *Jill wasnt very into that i dun think ... and so neither was i*

basically, the point, I need to adapt. I will, and it will be l33t :D

speaking of which, i n33d to sl33p ->


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