2002-10-16 @ 10:30 p.m.

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i woke up late, but its ok cuz mom was at an appointment till 9:30, woke up cuz the dogs barked at the dude towing away my car .......... .. .. ..

Had a dream that ended with me killing Jeff *by stabbing him* and then it took a swing at an evil-kandy-raver who was gonna kill me; i woke up right before a hit, and realized the other evil-kandy-raver would have lunged and killd me .. but I did manage to kill Jeff, which was cool enough :D

so anyways->

i got to skoo, chilld wit jennifer, she went to class, i got my Hepatatis B shot, which suxd, it didnt really hurt tho ... the bandaid hurt more :D,,, then i saw jennifer agin, went to her math class; she listened to my rock CD and my ICP CD, shes not down wit the juggalo sound, she was amused at "I Want My Shit", so theres hope for the relationship :D ... then art,. where i realize i didnt do my journal, the big final package one.. 25% of my total grade *almost can relate to Dawnee-chan* so im pretty fscked. But i saw some art, and workd in a group w/ ppl i didnt kno before, so it was okay ... then english, boring, but yet kinda fun, cuz i learned about cluses n shit.. and so im gonna write a 'simple sentence' that is actually, like, a page long.. you will see ... then i spent more tyme with Jennifer :D .... then home ...

but see, mom is foster-caring for this dog.. another german shepard named 'sage'; which showed up tonite, and this new dog r33kz worse than the other two ... and its kinda ugly, but oh well...

i had a rant i think .... but i forgot it;

becky seems to having trouble with her borther... i suggested some juggalo-love might solve the problem *cleans machete a lil* ....

cant wait till i get a new car..


cait wait till i hav gold


... i think thats it


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