2002-10-04 @ 11:03 p.m.
Jennifer ~ b4k4 ~ airport

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Jennifer: It was cool, but im an idiot

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Bizarrely, most of today iv bein thinking about how exactly i will explain myself to myself right now. weird.

got to da campus, sat, crashed a computer in mendacino hall, typed breifly in the library lab, slept in a hair in the union.. woke up to find Jennifer n her friend study across the room... they didnt see me... Jennifer did shortly after i woke up... anywayz->

talked wit her friend n such.. then two more show up.. then they all leave, and we leave to her math 9 lab class thing

i sat n helped her do her work, la, te, da...

i went n got a hot dog, i ate it, we went to the libraby, i crashed the computer *conclusion: XP is the devil* then she gets her research thing done..

we sit at the fountain *notes the irony/thing* .... and thts were my day begins.

i remark on how the bench hurts my ass because of a design flaw, and by laying down my jacket, it stops the hurting *will explain* so she realizes im right, and i pull her close, we sit cuddling on my jacket. we talk fer awhile, i ramble some, breif rants, sometymes we'd just sit n cuddle. then, i realized that my willpower was insufficient to stop what we were both fantasizing abot this whole day *and longer* ... i bid a H4rDC0r3, employ a breif rant *back-up plan, for ph34r of a slap* and then kiss her. now, if that werent enough, she counters by slipping me tongue.. It startled the hell out of me... but all in all it was pretty rockin :) but i feel guilty.. so very guilty ... im so awful... she was trying to get into it, wit the tongue thing.. i wasnt even completely used to the fact we were doing this.. i todl her she suckd at kissing..... im so awful. and selfish. and just plain dumb. *fights impulse to my hand into a blender*

so anyways, right after that her mom calls.. grr...

my lame-day resumes, she leaves, wait, i leave, got home, ate, drove to da airport wit mom, michael gets on da plane, drive home.. lame, lame, lame,

some waition, watched the bonus treks! w00t! saw this coolies scifi show ...

now im here

im so lame.

im gonna apoligize trm, explain how im a selfish idiot. and that im awful. fsck.


i know what that means, thanks to Jennifer...


*realizes an expansion in my vocab*


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