2002-10-03 @ 9:09 p.m.
college sucks, Jennifer rocks.

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Jennifer: Her birthday is on the 7th, email her

I kissed her on the cheek tho before she left today....

I think im obsessed, since it hard to think about something that isnt her.

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J'arrive du lycee

oh wait, fsck that...

i got to da soo, rested/slept , wrote a Philosohpy paper, went to philosophy, spent time with Jennifer ...

she went to read a book, and read over her shouder, i put my arm around her, we cuddle *aww* so awesome ...

then i goto CSc 10, fail the midterm, buy a stapler, see Jennifer agin...

some funky fool from her Jap class was talking to her.. *Grr!* but he left, we talked awhile, i breifly explain some of the mechanics involivg H4rDC0r3, i then offered a demonstration, first building up the nerve to drive a pencil though my hand, then, instead of doing the pencil, i pulled her close to me... i think she thought i was going to kiss her, that look in her eyes was so intense, brief trepidation of her lips, her head tilted forward slighty ...

I want to kiss her for her birthday .. its the 7th, monday ... i dont know if i can wait that long... grr... grrr....

(^ Shortly after ^)

J:"You wouldnt tell me even if you wanted to be kissed"


J:"hehe.. you can either lie, stay silent , or tell the truth.. and i know what your answer is from the silence"


so yeah .. hehehe ... this decision is now myne to make...

hopefully i wont make it till monday


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