2002-10-02 @ 9:48 p.m.
One Minute Late. Fsck. ~ but Jennifer r0x0rz

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Jennifer: she now gets her own catagory. she earnsed it ;)

I need tyme before my new template.

I dont have any tyme, grr.

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Grr. today was alright ...

Jennifer was the best thing about today - not to say that she isnt the best part of waking up everyday; but today was awful, she was(is) my sunshine *sigh*

I spent from 9-12 working oh so very hard on papers ... got to art late cuz i forgot to print till the last second. got to english late because I forgot to print till the last second. English sucks.. grr, grr, grr,grr

!~ fsck MLA format, fsck the doormat, fsck the neighbors cat, fsck scat ~!

spent tyme with Jennifer, that was awesome. Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer *smiles brightly*

then ran to work, my new job training, ... got there a minute late, and it was bad. One minute caused me to have my training set from starting today *oct2nd* to ~dayze~ *oct21st!* .... I am very upset. Grr. How am I supposed to buy Jennifer gifts, take her out on dates, and eat lunch everyday if im not getting p41d? I n33d c4$h!!

saw Jennifer agin before she left, she had sympathy - she also had that look agin .. she managed to studder out a thought of hers; its actually a thought of myne ... she is intrigued by my tactic of lifting/pressing her up against a wall and kissing her. *smiles* hehehe ... I knew something was up when I saw that look in her eyes ... shes so beautiful.

She has compiled a composite schedule combineding our classes onto one page, so we can accurately see when we have to spend tyme together. I find that irresistable. She may be perfect. Im not sure, there are some issues. They are very minor. Actually, my most forward concern isnt her at all, but her crazy mother. Im gonna havta charge my L33t. L33t- L33t- L33t- ... *im into the 'threes' thing .. im nuts*

Im gonna show her the ways of the "|_337~|/|4$74" ... she will hav ph34r, she will earn ph34r. w00t.

Im becoming obsessed... but i have so many reasons to be...

I have this idea, im gonna ask what she thinks about my skills concern last-minute-L33t, and how i always wait around till the last possible second and then burn lots of H4rDC0r3 ..... if she expresses any bit of grr-ness towards that, then ill put my arm around her ... since usually im only pushed into that action by the urgentcy of us departing. Its a sweet plan *i think*

I have a philosophy paper due trm.


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