2002-10-06 @ 3:23 a.m.
Hysterically ~ Jennfier ~ game ~ dai ?

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Jennifer: , She not really that gothic , ya kno? ;)

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Future: Dont go there. Eeep.

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Today was .. um... well you'll see!

i woke up many many tymes between 8:30 and 10:40, Jennifer has successfully made her way into my dreams;; id wake up, remember my dream, i pray for sleep agin....

i woke up, got ready, called around alot, when to the mall, stopped at Dwights, got a ride.

11:50, poked Jennifer at her work, went to HotTopic, she goes on break...

i show her some things i want to get her at HotTopic .. her responce , muttered nervously "i..i, im not rerally 'gothic'..." Im going to have too much fun with this *evil grin*

we talked, ate, kissed *sigh* .... then she had to go back *grr*

I bought her shirt, its dark blu, has a pixelized-mario-mushroom, and the words "But our princess is in another castle" ... it reminded me of how we met *reminds of my first college rejection, occuring less than 15 minutes before meeting Jennifer.

then i rode my fscked up bike home *loose handle bars*

some stuff happened *fuzzy memory* talked ot Jennifer on the phone, jordan showed up, went to the mall... saw kiel *??* bought a pink-plaid *just like my pants* skirt-dress-shirt-thing for Jennifer...

bought a light saber *hehee* , went wit Dwight to Dwights, went home, dressed for Game in my super-tight new pants *so coolies* ...

game'd ..?

got home, chilld at dwights, went to kiels, came home


got a msg from dawn i dont fully understand,

got a msg from lacey thru her diary ... i feel some kind of 'sorry' altho i think its actually for Jennifer *smiles*

and after reading dawns diary, i went to attempt to console her ... but i read everything else ... drama, drama, drama ... im glad im not a part of it. My personal opinion is that that one guy she talked to was dumb. Like 'the ffej' amounts of heaping stupid. but i dont really kno the guy *Lol'z ;)*

when talking to Jennifer today, i apoligizes fer my dumbness ... and explain how even though i was surprized originally; i spent all nite wishing she was there with me to do it agin ... she seemd un-mad.

during some ooc down time at game, i thought about how much ph34r Jennifer would have ... preppy-HotTopic, and she gave that responce ... so game, filled with all those loser freak wammabe ppl that can even upset me with their presence alone ....... Jennifer would trip-out, bad.

Kiel thinks that because of her goth-phobia *altho she actually named more punk-traits when explaining it to me* he thinks that this may shorten the span of the relationship. I didnt even consider that, i know i dont mind my friends, and if she does ... well, um, she might jus hav to deal with it? :)

instead, i think my L33t will slowly corrode barrier shes tryed to place between her and reality .... amd shell either adapt,or ... .. . ... im sure she'll adapt :D

I think as our one-month anniversary, ill give her this diarys website. if she was able to tolerate me that long, then she deserves to see exactly what kind of a mess shes gotten herself into.

one irony tho -> today, for the first tyme ever, the cute-asian that has worked at HotTopic fer hela dayze, the one that iv been admiring ... she kept talking to me, alot, asking me if i was finding stuff okay.. she only did it one of twice with Jennifer around, and once before Jennifer... but the third tyme i was in there... like, 5, 6, 7, 8'ish?? .. it just figures. But oh well, i like Jennifer more anyways :P

i think im gonna go to game more... its fun.

im gonna go eat, then sleep ... trm im gonn see if i can get the posse' up to da mall at around 3, see if i can hav Jennifer meet my creepy-goth friends *laughs hysterically* - *finds out that if bein misspelling that word fer the past few years*


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