2002-08-21 @ 5:28 a.m.
coolies, odd, day

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Mood: w00t! having fun w/ little sleep!

Food: once i get home, yes!!

Other Needs:sleep, no; g/f, no; happyness, yes *doesnt understand ; waits fer the despair*

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In usual fashion, i wake up at 2pm'ish ... but after that my day gets flat-out weird. I feel like i fergot how to do everything like normal ... in any case, today *yesturday* feels weird. I end up calling everyone, no one answers :) but i chill wit Jill .. im making progress ;) Kiel had me deliver a book to laura, incuring 3$ of debt. I do as asked, and laterz, after talking to Jill more, he wants me to go to Jordans. I do, but not before recieving 50$ from Janene as a graduation present. w00t!

I go to Jordans -> were going to the mall *we being Jordan - Me - Kiel... i call in to report. we chill a long time at the mall, it took more than an hour to get there, the bus ran late or somethin. My CSUS ID card gives me free bus n light rail. w00t!! ... so we go to all the usual places; Taco Bell, bestbuy, Wells Fargo, etc..., end our visit at Target and chipotle ... we were waiting fer da bus home when LouAnne stops n gives us a ride. I met her cuz of Bre, at Bre's home a long while ago... shes pretty fine, kinda crazy, fairly coolies. Anyways->

We end up at Dwights, i bought a game at bestbuy, so i put it in my car *at Jordan's* then drive to Dwights ... we chill *we being Jordan, Kiel, Travis, Dwight, Me, Melissa*, then go to the park, then mesa, then the park, then Dwights ... a long, fun trip ... I got to swing on the swingset ... so fun.

At Dwights, we chill, everyone but me n melissa play Halo ... im bored of the game, shes uninterested ... she digs travis tho .. so whatever ... I end up sleeping about 1-2 hours ... it 5:30am.

Me n Kiel are at Kiels. Wait to exit his home once his dad-fool leaves, since we dun want him knowing...?

To say the least, I had a Day.

I miss all my online friends ... But im having more fun here...

Im gonna pick up Stan at the airport, were gonna go places! w00t! gonna get all sorts of discount-military stuff.. hehe :D

im runnning on little sleep and enjoying it, its a sharp contrast to my past two weeks!

Im Happy, I wish I could share it!

But Till Then...


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