2002-08-19 @ 9:28 p.m.
Interesting is a relative term~ Used today

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Food: I need ~ But what to eat?

Mood: Im sad cuz I dont talk to people who love me. Im only online fer one person, who does.

Game: ~Life~ ::: Oooh, bonus level, w00t! ph34r my L33t-ness!

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I had an interesting day kinda. ...

First i had to wake up to go to the dentist. I had to hav fillings put in. Lauren, the cute blond dental assistant was the assistant to my cavity-drill-filling, so I was happy ... I think we flirted a little, until my mouth was going numb .. that kind of thing usually has a bad effect of social interaction. Go figure. so afterwards, we came home ... I talked on the phone to Jill, which had its usual effect, only I actually cried this time! w00t!! ... it felt so good i stopped crying... its odd how that worked. so anywayz -> i called a whole bunch of other people, none of which picked up. I called Hannah. Im not sure why, but i did. shes hot, we talked awhile, she didnt want to talk to me, i could tell to the not-quite-so-subtle-ness. I asked if she didnt want to talk to me, she said "I dont care" ... Grr ... so after that i did something .. killed tyme in some forgoten way till mom n fatkid came back. We first went to Kmart .. it was boring, i got colored pencils and a new backpack. saw all sorts of cute girls there :D ...

Then we went to the mall ... I ditched mom n michael quick and went to all the stores I wanted ... saw SO many hot chicks .. i wanted!! ... so anyways-> i was eating at Taco Bell, across from HotTopic .. since mom would only know to look fer me there, since she doesnt know anything about me :) .. so i see this girl just show up, sitting around like she waiting fer someone .. she talked to this one dude that was working at Taco Bell ... so whatever, i went around somemore .. bought a coolies game iv wanted fer awhilez ... sat across from her on the bench-things .. read the manual ...

Jordan, Kiel, n Dwight show up .. i was stunned ... so was she ... i talk wit them, chill abit .. then Jordan was trying to convince Kiel to exit GameStop .. I sit next to that girl. well, we talk n stuff ... I find out shes 10 days older than me, shes single, she has insane amounts of luck, and she has a criminal record and 4 warrants for her arrest. My luck huh? ... I think she liked me too! cuz i commented on how all the girl iv liked make me a friend and then get with some lame asshole fool. *growls at you all* .. she quickly replys "oh, i dont think any of my boyfriends hav ever bein assholes *smile*" ... im thinkin that was good, since if things were reversed, i might had said that. Agin, My Luck.

then fatkid shows up, tyme to go ->

got home, got on the roof *which scared the hell out of me* and cleaned the gutter-things and painted these two pieces of roof that were un-painted. It made me not-owe $40 fer the phone-bill. I called Emma's cell for $20 of that! ... i thought we talked least too ... odd. anyways-> im gonna go chores to get the trainticket to SanFrancisco, and then pay for ozzfest and the second ticket out of birthday money. The trouble is finding the second person to get on that train with me........

Shit... one of my fillings started hurting .. fsck .. fsck! ... im not enjoying this. its the one on my right ... fsck ... that side didnt even need it that bad .. fsck ...

im hungry .. all iv eaten today is two tacos and some taco-bell-fryz ... hungrie, so hungrie ... tummy says : Grrrroooooorrrrrrlllll~~~~**!

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