2002-08-21 @ 11:27 p.m.
My day never ended. Dont you feel dumb?

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Mood: Insightful, cuz of my lack of sleep

Person: Patricia, my newest friend. She hasnt learned to not-like me yet >:)

Game: ~Life~ ::: Oooh, bonus level, w00t! ph34r my L33t-ness!

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Well, my day today continues where my last entry leaves off. So still wake, and i do shit to waste as much tyme as possible. I play Deluxe Star Trek Starship Creator, so fun ...

I got to be about 10am, so i went to get Stan ... walked all the way around to find terminal A...i waited in da airport fer, like, an hour+ ... saw all sorts of cute girls. Found Stan .. we found the car, right across the street was where i parked ... i went the very round-about way ...

we ate at Carls Jr, and i saw this same girl iv notied 5 other times all around town .. she works there, but is way too cute to be working there ... i spent more tyme gawking at her than eating :) ... we get home, chill, lateda ->

Then Kiel calls, wanting to go to A-1 Comics .. Stan is up fer it, so we go, since i can drive ppl when I hav an adult 25+ in da car. We chilld at the comicshop fer awhile, they did not hav the book Kiel wanted, but i did buy a GundamWing Model... im gonna build it, all by myself!! w00t!! i drop Kiel at Laura's, give Jordan a ride to his work, and then Me n Stan came home. Him n Gran talk, and somehow I end up driving Stan to get a lottery-ticket. And then we go to Kecks cuz we can :) then more home-ness. we eat dinner, Tv, etc... stan needs to get to where hes goin, so once StarTrek:Enterprize finished, i took him ... saw his college ppl friend whatevers, saw somemore Star Trek! .. then drove home, filled moms tank with the $20 he gave me, kept the extra cuz i drove...

Im here now, I wish all of you were here with me, we could go hangout or somethin, itd rock!

Im out of plan-type-thingz ...

Trm Gran will try to wake me up at 7-7:30am ... i really hope i dont throw something too heavy at her ....

Im Happy, I wish I could share it!

But Till Then...

I Love You.

seriously, i prolly do, or at least im willing to tell you that to get you to smile!

*cuddles whoever most deserving/willing*

*then sleeps*


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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