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~*( A Show Of Resistance )*~

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~*~*~ The Second Part of the story ~*~*~


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In the little townish encampment, lined diversely with tents and small buildings, the villagers tried to clean the horrid mess left the night before. The task took almost two weeks, No one could guess how this happened. Some speculated that an evil cult recently seen in the area had something to do with it. That their perverted God was growing in power and taking its hate out on the townspeople.

Leik storms down the giant corridor, barely dodging an awesome column of Lightning-Inferno spewing forth from the desparate AzureDragon's maw. He knew it was on its last leg, that it would give out soon. Each breath, each attempt to destroy its assailant got weaker, and left the Dragon weaker as well. The rest of the party was told to stand back, Leik wanted the kill. They didn't really mind, they still got just as many Gems from its hide.

With one quick gasp, Leik leaps high into the air, The Dragon trys to take him down, It screams forth the most powerful blast it could muster... Leik activated his wards, and flew down the beasts throat.

Everyone stood still, the party, the AzureDragon ... No one knew what had happened. That was until Leik burst from the side of the Dragon, his MasterWorked-Bladed Adamantite QuarterStaff twirling, twisting, and manuevering its way through the sad creatures ribs. Leik, of course, is laughing histerically, knowing that now he has earned himself the final component needed to please his demented God. It took the party a day's rest to Heal, the priest had his work cut out for him. Leik had minor burns everywhere, major burns on his shoulders and neck, and deep lasarations from the beasts inner maw on his leg. The rest of the party had minor wounds from previous battle, and from when they first ambushed the AzureDragon. The hardest part of the journey seemed to be carrying the awesome treasure back to their captured castle. And they all knew the little Drow Girl wasn't going to carry much.

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