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more story!! w00t!!

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The Castle Of Death, owned by a fierce mage who had used ancient necromantic techniques to extend his life 400 years. He had more power at his disposal than any other living being, could raise mountains, grow forests, and kill nations with a spell. All of the Gods and Deities hated him for this. They constantly tried to thwart him, they knew his power upset any balance he aproached. Most Good, Neutral and Evil Gods had some vendetta against him, they often tried to use their power cooperatively to destroy him, but never could. All the Higher deitys prevented direct interactions with the mortal worlds, and no amount of blessings and divinations ever helped. It seemed that this powerful mage would live forever.

The Forest of Evil surrounded his castle, named by the townspeople who lost family and friends to it, who heard the insane inhuman crys echo from it. Most adventurers found there way around this, any monster they fought was much more hassle than it was worth, no treasure loving or sentient creatures ever settled in those woods.

The Party loved adventure, and Leik's God fervently urged him to enter those woods. Plus many, many tales of lost adventurers meant many, many bodies covered in lost treasures. As they walked through the Forest, they rarely had an encounter, and when they did it was usually a foe they could easily dispatch of. They never found corpses. The reason for this they found after the long journey to the center of the woods, When they found The Castle Of Death. The blackened stone walls echoed the call of anguished spirits and the stentch of decay hung heavy in the air. The giant doors stood firm and looked almost sealed shut. Leik giggled slightly, then pulled the knocker repeditively, attempting to annoy the Castles residents. The door cracks open, and as it does The Mage himself flys forward, his spell already cast, his hands burning with insane supernatural power. He flung himself at Leik, attempting to destroy the lad without a second thought. Leik, however, inspired by the Heavens, glides past The Mage and charges his wards. The rest of the party barely can begin to beat upon The Mage with their weapons too. Leik took a quick turn around, then swung his MasterWorked-Bladed Adamantite QuarterStaff swiftly into The Mage, Many of the Gods contribute their strength and speed, then at the same exact time, Leik swings many tymes more, each one piercing The Mages flesh, cracking his bones, ripping at every thread of that accursed man's soul. The party stood in amazement as Leik laughed, covered in the erupted gore that once was a powerful mage. All they saw of that moment was a blur, followed by an explosion of little wizard pieces. They never guessed the fledling Preist-Mage had it in him.

They took the Castle easily, and found what they had bein looking for. A thousand dead adventurers could never have tunred up the kinds of wonders they found in that castle. They quickly augmented their strengths, abolished their weaknesses, upgraded their weapons, and became aware of many ancient knowledges that should have stayed lost and dead. They now knew of why they were chosen, and exactly what their quest must be.

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