2002-07-17 @ 1:47 p.m.
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Tyme:an hour ago or a day ago;I can prevent this.

Mood:Upset, Injured, Tired

E-Mail:Emma.. Cuz i fscking can! fsck you twice!

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My nite fucking sucks...

It started out kinda cool... Jeff came home, talking about how he was gonna go n drive place w/ Bre... and not going to summer skoo trm ... and so I generally didnt care.. ill jack on, start my day early trm.. no shit?

But then everyone arrives, and they convince me to go with them.. ok, whatever, fun nite...? Bree, dwight, jeff n I are in bre's car, we go to pick up Kiel ... well, with Kiel in the car, well... err... same stuff happened to Jill :) ... only Kiel threated to play back if i didnt quit, i usually quit, but i wasnt attacked tonite... we go cruzing, stop my Kecks n darrel's ... neither were available.. we drove on the freeway in Bre's dumpy lil jap-car ... it "grr'd" at 70 ... at least my moms funky jap-car does 90 ... so anywayz, Bre ended up driving on the wrong side of the road, we drove over a center-divider-upraised-slightly-thing... it was scary, in that really fun way ... we drove to Jordans, he worked closing, so he was finishing cleaning wit Neil .. no big thing... I remind them i hav a day trm... so we go to jeffs home.. so i can ride my bike home ... I get dropp'd off... but im feeling Hard-Core... so I chase Bre's car!!!! w00t!!... i was going faster than her, i cut her off *im insane* then bolt down some funky back-street ... i kno these streets pretty well, i lived in this area fer almost 10 years!! ... so im still kinda ahead of them, i make a sharp left ... im right on the curb ... then the curb comes out from under me.. apparently i dont kno these streets in the dark going faster-than-car .... But dont worry! The curb made sure not to inconvenience me too badly!! It was very there when I landed on it! .... .... im not hard-core enough ... so I curl up in a lil ball... Bre stopps, everyone gets out to see what happened... they find i messed-up me :D ... im offered a hand... but i realize that my hands were the reason i didnt land on mah head ... they are really bad off.. the sides mainly, the palms too... my right pinky i might had broken.. but it still bends, so i guess not? ... i rode home, slowly.. i felt very lame.. during the ride i realized that i had, in ,fact, crashed on my bike... i took awhile to sink in i guess? ... the cold nite air sting so badly.. so fscking badly .. i was glad to arrive home!! ... but wait, the door was locked! ... i knock feebly, my hands wont fist to knock ... they hurt too much ... so then, i open the garage, try there.. nope. So, i try the front, i get loud, using the backs of my wrists to slam into the door ... no luck. So, i get Hard-Core.. i use my 3 fingerz -n- thumb to hop the fence! ... i make it up the fence, and then proceed to my window... i ph34r the window... so i get out there... someone put the screen back up on my window.. and no matter how hard i try, my 3 fingers jus wont get it off... i try getting to grans window, but the neighbors dog iz hella barking, and only waking up the neighbor... so to be mean i flip michaels circuit-breaker.. hehehe.. then i go all-out.. i un-lock n open everything i can.. i get a screwdriver from the garage.. and ripp the fscking screen off... then i try climbing.. bad move.. my window iz hella dusty n shit... so all that did was get evil-dust in my wounds.. i couldnt put enough weight on my hands to get up.. yesterday; this wouldnt hav bein hard. I get a stool from the garage... climb up that.. halfway thru thw window it comes out from under me :D fun. im enough in thru the window to make the rest of me go tho.. so now im in the house, i half-ass close up the house.. purposely not-lock anything.. i was so spissed.. no one woke up, thru all my yelps, poundings, and that stupid neighbor-dog ... no one open the door fer me, no one woke up.. no one cared.

I had the sick thought of using my last two exposures on the pic-CD camera to take pics of my fresh wounds.. hehe.. i did; if they come out, you get to see my coolies scapes! sweet huh? ... anywayz->

Cleaning the wounds was fun.. like playing Operation ... i pull the little dangling flesh off right, no sound, no pain... i catch somethin, pull too fast.. shock, pain, yelp... so fun.

To relate this to fate-->conlclusions. I should hav kissed Kiel, thennone of that would hav happened; I should hav stay, fsck my trm plans... I shouldnt hav gone hard-core like that... I shouldnt hav betrayed Emma.

Im inclided, strangely, to think this was payment-in-full for doing that to Emma... This is what i get for Jill, then Kiel.. im so fscking lame...

Its 2:12, no moring plans for me.

that is all


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