2002-07-23 @ 8:58 p.m.
Survey-thing ... ph34r!

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Mood: oddly fulfilled...?

Mood: Bored, where's Emma *she said she prolly wont be on; i still can wish*

Person:Emma, she deserves better.

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I found this survey-thing on Emma's second diray .. and im really bored ... so here it is :P


1. Name: Jonathan M Giacomelli

2. If there were 3 wells (love, beauty, and creativity) and you could only drink from one of them, which one would you choose? Love, cuz the other two id only use to get love anywayz ...

3. Do you wish on stars? No, i wish much to frequently to choose things to wish -on-

4. Which finger is your favorite? Um... either my pointer-finger or my thumb... i only grow finger-nails on those two..

5. What is the most disgusting food you've ever eaten? Broccoli. *shudders*-*gags*

6. Would you kill someone? Depends on who it is and what the consequences are... Yes >:)

7. When did you last cry? A few dayz ago, curled up in a lil ball on Jills bed after she left to do chores. She reminded me why i hate me.

8. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play the lead? Jonathan Frakes, or that dude from American Pie.. the one who fscked the pie *lol'z histerically*

9. What TV show or movie TITLE best describes your life? ...A Beautiful Mind? ..?

10. Do you like your handwriting? Eeep! My handwriting is evil .. ph34r wit gr34t ph34r!! ~Yes~

11. Who are you jealous of? Mike, Dan, JQ, Cj, fat-kid, Zeke, Jere, Ryan, Dawn, Dustin, Jeff... i could go awile obviously

12. What is your #1 priority in life? Winning, and getting the sweet ending, not jus that gay one they put in fer -complete- .. but the really sweet one...

13. What is your favorite lunch meat? Oscar Meyer Bologna : Original ... Mmm.. so greasy n slimy .. *drools*

14. Do you have any bad habits? nail-biting, twitching, itching my hair, burping, blind-Obsession :)

15. Are you a friendly person? Yea, i hav friend-making-skillz... but some dayz im not... dont fsck wit me.

16. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? No, id be too annoyed, plus i would ph34r ... so much ph34r...

17. Are you a daredevil? Sometymes I drive so fast, just to feel the danger ... Anything to make me feel alive. Im actually not in the more traditional wayz ... i take Calulated-Riskz...

18. How big was the biggest mango you ever had? Icky! plants!!

19. Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat? Yea, *winks* ... but i had permission. I owe.. I owe..

20. What do you think is the most attractive animated character? Yamamoto Yohko, or NeNe from Bubblegum Crisis...

21. Do looks matter? Yes! .. i havta be able to look her in the eyes and tell her shes beautiful.

22. Do you pray? Sometymes, prolly not enough ... i dont really know how to tho..

23. Have you ever met anyone famous? Not that I recall.

24. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Yes! ... but i cant get past the Force-Field *Grr!*

25. What are your biggest fears? Myself, losing, having ppl not-like me..

26. What do you do to vent anger? Work-Out, play violent games, take risks... and fantasize doing violent things to whoever is the object of the anger ;)

27. Are you passive or aggressive? Passive-Agressive .. or Assertive ... depending on how nice i feel that day :)

28. Who is your idol? Stan, or my granpa ... they both had similiar coolies-skillz n worked hard to get really far n into coolies things :D

29. Who is your second family? Jordan, Jeff, Kiel *The Group*

30. Do you trust others easily? Kinda, i trust everyone with something different.

31. What was your favorite toy as a child? My stuffed dinosaur 'Little-Foot' ... my action-figures.. but mainly, my NES, n SNES -> w00t!

32. What class in school do you think is totally useless? English, i already kno that!!

33. What is the punch-line to your favorite joke? *forgot*

34. Do you like sappy love songs? Yea, kinda... sometymes.

35. Do you think your life so far has been good? Yes, n No... so many opportunitys, too many mistakes. If I hadnt fscked up, Yes!

36. Which was your best Halloween costume? Either dressing up in jillz clothes, or my dark-angel-with-black-wings-thing

37. Have you ever been on radio or television? Nope

38. Do you keep a diary? Yea, if your reading this, youd know that :P

39. Have you ever intentionally hurt another person? Yes. and i regret it so very deeply...

40. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? ~Inside~: No, within 15ft., Yes.

41. Are you an overall happy person? For everyones sake, Yes ;)

42. Do you feel understood most of the time? No, cuz I dont let anyone try.

43. Do you drink milk? Frequently .. Mmm..

44. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? Sore Throat, so i can drink O.J. all day :D *is sick, hehe*

45. Have you ever thought seriously about committing suicide? Yes. but somehoe i got on the phone with Jill... she tricked me out of it.

46. What is the new saying that you've been using a lot? 'hard-core'

47. What time is it? 9:16pm ; 12:16pm where i wish i was ;)

48. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer or in a seperate one? They are both in the far-right drawer under mah bed...

49. Did you pay money to see "Honey I Shrunk The Kids"? Hell No!

50. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold, i can always put on more clothes. Or start moving around alot...

51. What is your favorite body type to cuddle with? err.. *doesnt comletely understand* ... um, jus medium-sized chick would do..

52. What was the best Christmas present you received? Rollerblades. the funnest tyme iv ever had trying to kill myself :D

53. Could you be a vegetarian? Hell No! *shudders*

54. Would you ever bungee jump? Sure, if i didnt havta pay fer it, and had the free-tyme.

55. Do you untie your shoes everytime you take them off? I dont ever un-tie my shoes.. i hav skillz...

56. Who are your favorite white rappers? ~MySelf~ , or Eminem... i didnt kno there were more..???..?

57. Would you rather wear uniforms to school? Hell No!! ... cuz then all the chicks would be in uniform.. and that'd be lame!

58. Have you ever given money to a needy person? Yes, when i had the money to give..

59. What are you worried about right now? Emma coming online.. shes gonna be mad.. i dont want her to be... im so fscking lame...

60. Do you ever wear overalls? Never hav, i dont think id mind to tho..?

61. Do you think you are strong (emotionally)? Yes, but only due to my hard-core L33t willpower-skillz... when those fail, i curl up n cry... My father used to yell at me telling me to stop crying, or he'll give me somethin to cry about. I think right now.. I hav reasons *irl: sinffles, burns a will-trait*

62. Do you regret anything? Yes, always, frequently, daily... They haunt me and prove how awful i am.. i cant ever escape.. i can only try n out-run them in my future...

63. Have you ever been in love? Yes, always, frequently, daily... or am I so stupid I think that jus cuz i want someone.. despareatly.. and maby if i Love them they wont leave..?

64. Do you ever want to fall in love?Yes, and no... Its really fun n all... but it only seems to cause pain...?

65. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Err... Emma gets jealous if I do things with other ppl... so i dont kno..???


Are You A Flirt? I think? maby?

Shoe Size? 11W ; or 13 ... my shoes cant decide/

Hair Color? dark-brwn ... except i dyed it copper... but another hair-cut will un-do that :D

Eye Color? Gray-green-hazel'ish

First Crush? I cant remember her name.. i was a year older, so went i left kindergarten, we rarely saw each other n stuff... i dont know what happened.. i dont remember any of this, i was told. I do remember seeing her sitting at the top of the swingset in the moonlight... i think i dreamt that tho when I was younger.. i dunno. oh wait, i also remember she wanted to play some game.. we were supposed to talk like Donald Duck *shudders* i didnt want to.

Parents Names? Ruth Marie Gnuechtel Giacomelli Forrester -and- Thomas Giacomelli ....

Righty Or Lefty - Lefty! w00t!!

Hobbies - Typing, playing games, chicks, computer-anything, jack'ing on, eating, sleeping, pretending im cool, biking, rollerblading, driving fast :D

What's Your Sign - Virgo.


You Go To For Advice - Jill, or Becky

You've Dreamt About- All everyone has made a cameo appearance.. most frequently.. Jill.

You Tell Your Dreams To- I rarely remember any/enough to tell.. and then whoever is convenient hears about it.. not a big deal ..?

You Tell Secrets To- Jill, or now, Emma.

Boxers Or Briefs? Tighty-Whiteys!! w00t!!

Long Or Short Hair? Im aussuming the frined part iz over, i hav short.

Tall Or Short? Im tall.

6 Pack Or Muscular Arms? I would wish to think muscular armz ... but not really...

Hat Or No Hat? No Hat, brain iz over-clocked, will over-heat.

Ears Pierced Or Not? Nope.

Tan Or Fair? Really dark sexy tan on my arms, tanned face too.. sicky pale everything else :D

Freckles Or None? Me, none i think.. body-freckles kinda turn me on tho .. im nuts...

Stubble Or Neatly Shaved? Within 10 minz of shaving i hav stubble once more...

Tongue Ring Or Not? Nope


Chocolate Milk Or Hot Chocolate - Chocolate Milk; preferably Choco-Choco mixed with a lil low-fat..

Mc D's Or Hungry Jacks - *shudders* - *waits till trm* .. or lotsa cheap-ass burgers from Mc'y D'z

Marry Perfect Lover Or Perfect Friend? Perfect Friend, as long as she still has sex with me ;)

Root Beer Or Dr. Pepper - Root Beer!!! w00t!!!!!! one'a my most fav'est anythings!!

Sappy/Action/Comedy/Horror - lol, all? depends on my mood.. SciFi actually :P

Coffee/Cappuccino/Espresso/Tea - Frappaccino! ...Mmm...

Cats Or Dogs - err.. both? neither? dun care?

Mud Or Jell-O Wrestling - Jell-0 ..*drools*

With Or Without Ice Cubes -w/o, i dun want my drink water'd down!

Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate - Milk chocolate.. ill get sick to my tummy if its too-rich

Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn - Autumn/Spring ... i hate the heat, grr a a lil at cold.. hate rain..

Top Or Bottom- Either, as long as im getting some ... well.. most of my moods like 'Top'

Vanilla or Chocolate - Swirl! ...Mmm..

Skiing Or Boarding - Neither, havnt ever tryed them ...

Biking Or Blading - Blading is funner, but biking is more funner

Cereal Or Toast- Fruity Pebblez!! w00t!!

Night Or day? - Nite! *Note: the sn 'FiendByNite'*

Gloves Or Mittens - Gloves.. ooo....

Dressed Or Undressed - Dressed, i feel weird n insecure when undressed...

Chewing Gum Or Hard Candy - Soft candy?

Motor Or Sail Boat - Motor ...ooo...

Light On Or Off - Off, but that would be new...


Color - bright-neon-pink, blu, black, red, white

Number - soixante-neuf *Lol*

Fav Subject - Computer-anything

Sport To Play - um... biking?

Sport to watch - lol, tennis?

Alcoholic Drink - Mud-Slide... Mmm...

Sound - That one.. cant type it here.. its personal :P !!!!

Smell - I girl, right after a shower.. especially Herbal-Essences *drools*


Funniest - me? .. maby Jeff, but not his fault

Smartest - Jordan.

Cutest - guy.. err.. Kiel? chick: prolly Crystal, or Hannah ... if Hannah is a friend, then Hannah *drools*

Sweetest - Becky, or Gabby.


Truth Or Dare - Dare, cuz i never got good onez!

Ocean Or Pool- Ocean, lesser of two evils..

Cake Or Pie - Donuts?

Silver Or Gold - Platinum?

Diamonds Or Pearls - Diamonds :)

Sunrise Or Sunset - Sunset ... i Love those...

Crushed Ice Or Cubed - Crushed

Pizza Or Beef - niether wtf kinda question is that? Pizza!?

Ice Cream Or Ice Cream Bar - Cherry Ice Cream.


Do you like to talk on the telephone? No, all the hardness of irl talk, and the lameness of not being in-person

Do you have your own line? no.. i want DSL?

Do you like to dance? No, i suck.. i dont think im good at it...?

Have you ever been skinny dipping? I wish!

Ever thought you were gonna die? Frequently :)

Have you ever been high? Contact-high, maby ... i was too drunk to kno...

Do you sleep with stuffed animals? My big-black-pillow.. but its not an animal...

Have you ever broken/fractured a bone? I was droppd when i was a baby.. broke my collar-bone..

Do you have any piercings? Nope

Do you consider yourself a good listener? Yes.

Can you swim? Yes

Do you sing in the shower? Sometymes, Yes.

Do you think cheerleading is a sport? Err... kinda.. Gymnastics is tho!!

Have you ever stolen anything? Yeah, it was lame...

What color is your toothbrush? White-n-blu

What's your worst injury ever? Jumping on the bed, i landed on my head-board, cracked my head open... or my evil infected in-grown toenail

What's the hardest thing about growing up? $~Money~$

Ever been in love? Too many tymes...

What are you wearing right now? white t-shirt w/ da pocket, brown cargo-ish shorts, blu Sylvan-Middle-Skoo P.E. shorts under that, Tighty-whiteys under that *3 layers, im neurotic* white socks, my dumpy Nike'z

Favorite place to be? anywhere wit TimeCrisisII , anywhere i can cuddle ... or in front of my puter.

What do you wear to bed? random shirt *sometymes* , shorts -n- tighty-whiteyz

What is the best feeling in the world? Adrenaline, sex, Love...

What do you look for in a guy/girl? Beauty, intelligence, willpower, jealous-tendencies, Flaws *she cant be perfect, or else i get scared; besides, what is perfect?* ... Has'ta like me as as much as i like them, honestey, sence-of-humor, tolerance *to me*, cuteness...


I want to dance to Techno ... i dont kno how, i cant Rave cuz im dumb n untrained... im wish i could do somethin to reflect how music makes me feel.. but i cant, i dont hav any apropriate skillz, plus i feel really dumb... cuz i kno im doing it wrong...

I kinda wanna get drunk... i dont kno why. ??? .. wtf iz wrong with me?

Bethy was listening to one'a my most favorite songs; the Techno remix of neverending storys theme.. so fscking awesome!! i anted to dance, but couldnt ... *sad* ... i suck.


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