2002-07-15 @ 6:66acm ((( 11:30'ish a.m.
sleep, awake, sleep; -n- Jenna

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Mood: Headache ; Fsck You.

Place: Your house; Anywhere cuddly

E-Mail: *Huggles Emma*

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Well, as usal, i feel asleep, and, since nothings perfect, I woke up...

The instant I woke up, I was reminded by my headache that in fact, I still had one. So im not feeling nice...

I called Jill, im not even sure why... She reminded me that shes doesnt love me, and then told me bout the 'fun' dau she had with Dan doing mini-golf ... It was lame.. She wondered why I was upset, I told her I couldnt tell, because everytyme I tryed I had to burn a will-trait to keep from crying ... so I managed to hang up, then curl into a lil ball and wish I was anywhere but here :D

Fun day...

Got emma's email, that was cool.. I need more email, long ones, frequently..

Oh yea, when I was talking to Jill she asked bout my life, what was happening, I told her some, since im so used to everyone seeing the diary... She had more to say bout Lacey... shes really jealous :P ... and yet shes still trying to unload me onto Emma...

I hate my life... I want a new one. I simpler one, were I dont feel so awful all the tyme.. My pillow isnt cuddly enough..

I still hav the headache.

I met Jenna in ceramics class junior year.. Before that I saw her in the halls here-n-there, and wanted her >:) ... but anywayz, it was junior year, not the best tyme to kno me.. And when I broke up wit Jill, i wanted her even more... but see, I was really dumb then, really really dumb, so I didnt get anywhere... All I did was piss her off... I think the only reason she didnt fully try to get me gone was cuz I gave her stuff and always told her how much I liked her... As usual, i got used :D *Its not an entirely bad thing, I just wish id get used fer cuddles once in a while too* ... so anyways, we ended up having French together next year, and that was better, altho it was first term, so i wasnt quite good yet... She still didnt like me, but did tolerate me enough to say "Friends" *which, as usual, hurt* ... so then I talked to her here-n-there after the class ended, I knew Keck, and since he lives jus down the street, i kept seeing her alot... I got her stuf fer her birthday, she liked it lots.. that was prolly the only day she actually seem'd to care the slightest bit... It was lame... And then, as a mentioned a few nites ago, Her n Hannah were outside when me n jeff were lookin fer Keck.. she was hela mean to me.. as usual..

Thats it..

*Breif intermission, email* --- *huggles Emma*

Well, im gonna click "done!" cuz i dun wanna type any more... im gonna sleep maby..??

nitenite fer nows!!

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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