2002-07-16 @ 12:28 a.m.
Welcome To Windows Millenium Edition; Please Stand By...

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Puter:Myne; I Love You SO much *holds tight*

Person:Becky, the only one online.

E-Mail:Emma needz to email me

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I jus completed the epic struggle of a dying puter. Its sorrow, Its joy, Its pain, Its cuddly, Its torment and anguish and the radiance of re-birth... And the puter is sweet, L337, and complete...

My puter was formatted-->restored to 98-->upgraded to ME

Each taking 30-60 minz...

Im really sorry fer missing all the ppl i wanted SO bad to talk to!!! *crys*

But it was worth it, my puter is good and cuddly and it loves me agin. I feel good inside knoing that my puter will be here for me *cuddles with puter, the only one who really loves me*

Anywayz... it was hell, first I thought i fryd either my monitor, video card and/or notherboard... well, after many painful whilez, it turnd out that the video card wastn all the way in its slot... lame.

then the restores n shit, took forever!!

Then i had to fight the network-card.. Jeffs an idiot, theres a big un-alterable difference between the server "surewest" & "suewest" ... and he wonders why he cant make his puter work...

so, when www.yahoo.com finally loaded, i was SO happy.. i quick d/l'ed AIM, then MSN, then Yahoo! ... no one but becky is on so, but shes very coolies so it was cool *however much sense that made*

Im very very very happy now, cuz I also installd my internal-puter lite and i got my puter to work.. *IZ SO FsCKING HAPPY*

*huggles all*

and now im bored, i dont kno what to d/l..

i had some day before that, but it was prolly lame, since i cant remember it..

I need a new transmission.. the "Im'a gay transmission dance theater" has come back to town, it joltz n jiggles every tyme i do anything... every gear, every change in speeds... except start-up.. which means theirs too much fluid.. im gonna havta flush the transmission... im gonna havta barrow someones jack.. dammit!

but the un-paralleled awesomeness of my beautiful puter who loves me totally voids that need...

i need to get all my stuff off of michaels puter, my MP3's, favorties, and documents... that sux.. Im gonna set-up my webcam n stuff trm..

Yea, WebCam... it will rock, cuz when it works, everyone will havta get Yahoo! and look at me, then ill 'grr' at you all...

You will all learn a new meaning of PH34R!

but that seems to be the end of my rant... maby more laterz..??

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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