2002-07-13 @ 10:56 p.m.
Ziku, Fry's, Jet-Engine

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Its gonna be an Rp style story about/with Ziku.. Now, tell me somethin about it! email me, or note me, or offline msg me, or so

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Well, i was gonna go get a haircut today.. but the barber fool was closed at 4pm ... I went to Frys, resisted the most awesome urge to buy 30000$ in stuff i wanted, and stuff i didnt kno i wanted >:)... I ended up wit a web-cam, a inside-of-da-puter-lite, a very large cooling unit fer ricks puter, and a funky lil BIOS chip fer jillz...

It was a fairly coolies day... well except fer the fact that I had to go to a McDonalds down the street to get money out of the ATM .. fer some strange reason they didnt take ATM at Frys!?!?! ... I met some chick there, she was cute, talked all dyslexic-n-slanged like me... but i didnt do anything about it.. I kinda feel stupid fer not trying anything, kinda feel good, cuz of Emma... I dunno...

So anywayz, I got my stuff, came home, got my puter back!! *YaY!!* .. so anyways, my puter iz on crack, the webcam doesnt work... I called Emma, she sayd shed come online... I never saw her..?? I *BUZZ!*'d Lacey on Yahoo! ... and she told me she didnt want to talk to me -yet-, that she didnt want to get in me n Emma's way ... That was jus strange... and so my day was turned sour ...

But gabby was on, i talked to her.. then tiff n bethy came online.. And i got the coolies idea fer my story.. It turns out, gabby is hot, but also in alabama ... I thought that state was fake to make fun of ppl???

so yea... my day... err... I also install'd the cooling system into ricks puter ...the thing is 4x the size of his old one.. im gonna over-clock his puter ... unfortunaly i cant now, all his partz are TOO old! his keyboard uses the old-skoo port, his mouse is on an I/O card, serial port ... it really sucks ass... Im gonna overclock his system to 150-200MHz... so coolies ... Im gonna overclock myne trm maby, to 1.1GHz or higher, so that I beat Jeff... I refrained from buying the hand-held jet-engine they sold as a cooling unit *Yea, it was a Jet! I fucking airplane-jet-engine.. it was 80x80x120 .. it was fscking HUGE!!... and a jet-engine!!! I wanted, fer reals.. i wanted... *drools*

Im very good with puters, i really hope mom can get me working on them... that'll be sweet, cuz she'll get hella tax write-offs n shit, plus a lil Xtra moneys.. and ill get phatty moneys.. oh the sweetness... When im 18, that heavy-lifting job.. so fscking sweet ... and on monday im calling PETsMART, bout my application.. gonna get me a fscking job...

I wanna get my diary advertized.. that'd be hella funny!!! I wonder what kind of banner id hav.. id prolly use some MegaTokyo pics... thatd be too coolies!! too fscking coolies!!!

Im in a better mood than earlyer tonite... i think. I feel happyer at least.. Havin lotsa friends comes in handy :)

im gonna type somemore in da story box, so fsck you..

NiteNite fer nows

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