2002-07-13 @ 4:04 p.m.
my, err.. 42nd'ish entry?

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This is an option field..? Where the fsck did this come from??

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I went to work, was on feeder, took out trash, did dishes ...I fairly lame day ... I kno why Matt ,Jordan, n Neil like dishes, its the least work-job in that entire store!

I didnt get anymore hourz.. that means at 9:15 pm on Sunday *trm* i will hav NOWHERE to be till sept 3rd ... hehehe... Fear... all of you ;)

Im gonna keep buggin PETsMART bout givin me a job.. I really want one :D ...

I feel really lame cuz I hav nothing important to type, no one is even online now!!!

Maby ill try my L337-genius-skillz on my template... ??? ... i dunno...

**Intermission: I attack the HTML wit my L337-SK1LLZ, and I feel triumphant**

Well, I think Emma will like my lil modification... i think it should be good enough fer her :D:D

Oh yea, I had a coolies idea, spawned by one'a by lil experiments on an earlyer entry ... Should I start my entry with an excerpt from a Fiction story Im gonna write? That way as my life progresses, they can also watch some other fools life progress...??? ... I need feedback, so email me ... Or leave a note, since i hav Gold now **huggles Emma**

I had lots of rant from work, but I fergot it all as usual, prolly wasnt important anywayz ....

I really think a story would be cool tho.. Super-Coolies actually, but if you think its a lame idea, then you MUST tell me, cuz I know everyone gonna say "Go fer it, its ur diary!" and ill say "Fsck you! im asking if you want it, not if its my diary! Ill write it if it'll make others happy"

In any case.... :P

Im gonna go get my hair cut, go to Fry's Electronics, and maby take more piccys, only 10 exposures left on the camera....

byebye fer nows!!

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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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