2002-07-14 @ 12:03 a.m.
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I tryed to type the story..??

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It turnz out, the option box iz limited on how much one may type.. which sux fscking ass!! so i got another idea, usinh HTML to trick the page into giving me a fourth, unlimited space ... so im gonna test it :P fsck you..

This entry has no point, unless it workd, then its only purpose iz to be the beginng of the story, whicc i like da story, since i kno what happens next :P Lacey may be able to guess, only cuz shes been around long enough.. but shes NOT allowed to tell!! its a secret ;):P


It was dark in the eastern camp along the Ragnokc woods. The settlers there had thrived for the past 12 generations. Adventurers from all the lands came to hunt the beasts roaming the endless forests, and most never came back. The few who did brought tales of creatures no one had ever heard of or seen before! Plus there was a large assortment of the normal adventurer-feasting wildlife. Some even told tales of ruins and actual citys, isolated from the outside world with giant hordes of wonders!

Tonite, no beasts, no citys, no treasure would have saved this camp. See, tonite, a new vistor, an adventurer more experienced and powerful than any before has arrived. No one knew it though, until it was too late.

"AEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee......." Many villagers awake from their sleep, but dare not investigate. The nite is silent after that, too silent. In the morning, the small village town awakens to the beginning of a nightmare. One by one, the peasants, merchants, farmers , and other tradesmen greet the morning air, but only breifly. Many gasp, some screek, others even faint, because the whole town, every building, walkway, well, out-door lamp, everything, was smeared with damply-bloody hand prints. Within an hour a town meeting is set up, to discuss this recent crisis. No one knows how to clean the town, water is used only for drinking, or else the wells may run dry-up before the next season. No one understands where the blood even came from, because there was no corpse, no missing townsfolk, no dissappeared livestock. The only clue any of them could discern was that the prints were much smaller than a normal man's, they were about the size... of a child's.

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