2002-07-08 @ 6:37 p.m.
Damn, i woke up today

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well, i went to jeffs, watched him n rick play games ... ricks puter iz too old to upgrade with our parts, we need to buy stuff, a new case n stuff .,.. so ricks puter stays ghetto ... I got to 'jack on' at jeffs .. but instead of spend those 4 hours ranting, i spent them typing a HUGE email to Emma .. i really hope she enjoy'd it... at 6:30am, i slept at jeffs ... then went home at noon .. then slept till 4-5pm ish .. I wopke up cuz of mym dream about Emma, and then i was gonna call her but ppl needed the phone -- Granpa is supposed to call ... so i went to Jeffs .. i need my fix ..

Jeff has my puter at his house, playing WarCraft III on it .. so I come over n use his, on DSL, to email n stuff ... Its sweet, except his keyvboard sucks ass!! all the keys are in the wropng spot, and they dont click right ... but a guess ill deal wit it ...

I dont know about Lacey .. shes not on enough, and when she is, thjeres never enough tyme to talk, she has'ta go ... or something .. It really sucks, and i think she may be avoiding me ...

No one iz on .. it sucks .. I saw Emma, but she was going offline ... I hate AIM ... Im hoping she comes online before I give up n gohome .. cuz see, at home, the phone may be claer, and even tho i dont really hav the money, its worth it.. i need to talk to her, cuz im so very bored w/o her ... and I had rants, but I dont care enough to remember them ... Im not in a good mood i think, i need food, but theres none... at home there is ..Oooo.. well...

Byebye fer now ...

*huggles those who deserve it, Emma's first in line ;)*


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