2002-07-07 @ 9:44 p.m.

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Ok, long day, lotsa stuff .. too much tyme to think at work.. and 2 friends want my tyme!! Be careful what you wish ;)

So Im at work, and i thought of a rant ... see, last saturday, the one a week ago, I ran out-of fruit smoothies. Well, las nite I came home to a fridge full of smoothies!!! And iv been super-happy n powerful n stuff .. Smoothies are so awesome!!! w00t!!!!!

And so i went to work, ate jalapenos before a left, and when I got there, and during break!! Lots of food today!! Im got sick I ate so much!!

I saw Colleen at work today, shes cool ...

Oh yea, and I quit! Ha! Fuck Ivan in his ear! I put in my 2-wk notice, and I hav a guranttee'd job at Kiels Jack-in-da-Box .... and i may be getting a job at both Petsmart and Starbucks trm .. And trm is pay-day!!

I got home, talked to Emma ... *huggles God* Im gonna start making decisions fer myself more often, I like the results!!!!!!!!!!

So then I got home, shower'd, water'd the lawn w/o my shirt on... then Jeff came, I told him how I want my box n need to 'jack on' regularly.. but that I could loan him my box, and use Ricks .. while im fixing Ricks .... But tonite I needed myne... I need to type this!!! this is a major turning point in my fscking life! .. Jeff cant quite understand that, due to the fact he doesnt hav a life.... So i gav him Ricks then they went to Jeff's home to play inside Ricks .. i told them Id be there .. err.. now'ish ... :P

But fsck them, Im talking to Emma, and This is super-important! .. so fsck them ...

I fix'd my car, i think my transmission leak has stoppd, since it didnt do the "Im'a gay transmission" dance on the way to-n-from jeffs ... Im gonna go apply to Petsmart n Starbucks, get my paycheck, hopefully even get some of the money ppl owe me .. and ill get a bank statement, so that i know how much money i hav ...

Breaking News: Ricks box is SO fscking ancient it still has ISO cards for the mouse n keyboard, his case doesnt hav the slots/connections fer a newer motherboard, and Jeffs too dumb *or wanting me* to figure out his own solution ... So, ill bring over all my supplys n show them JUST who they picked a fight with!!

And ever since that movie-nite at bre's my back has had that funky "Im not in the right place" pain ..... damn! it cost too much money to fix that!!

Emma likes me too much ... It makes me paranoid .. I think its gonna take awile to get used to it ... altho i know she'll be the first to read this... I really regret thinking it too ... but i cant lie n say its not, and its just as bad as lieing to not say anytihng ... Im pretty sure if she keep[s it up ill get used to it :) then things'll be cool ...

And im late, really really really late..

so nitenite fer now!

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