2002-07-07 @ 2:13 p.m.
Dreams -n- Decisions

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Well, shortly after my last post, i feel asleep...

Then i had a whole bunch of crazy dreams.... I woke up at around 12, and decided on Emma. I was very firm in my decision right up until i feel asleep agin... then I had this really weird dream, i got together with this one chick right after meeting her... Jeff was there too, but he didnt even hav a chance ... which makes me wonder, which choice should I take?? At first I thought the dream might mean, Keeping Looking .... But after awile i thought, the chick did kinda look like Emma, and Diamonds were a intracate part of the dream, and we did meet off a common interest, kinda like we were in the same boat, headed the same place .... Which does in fact relate to irl events, kinda ... So was the dream a reinforcement?? Was it a way to keep me from getting online and having a long conversation wit Gisselle?? Or was it a warning, some advice, that I made the wrong choice n i should keep looking..???

And you ppl wonder why im so indecisive!

Well, my plan iz to still choose Emma, and Ill basically shift into full-gear liking her ... but that doesnt mean we'll be going-out *unless she decides to change that* so see, itz a compromise between doing nothing and doing something .. I think its a pretty good plan ...

And im gonna stop tormenting Lacey wit this ... it tyme someone else regretted my affections ...

So then im wake, i get online before i even hav my eyes open.. i talk to Gisselle, not too long after getting my diary-link she loggs out ... i really wish that would stop happening so often ... then katie, she doesnt even talk, just logs out .. then Nikki, she talks, and now i jus buzzed Lacey, shes prolly not on tho ... today seems to be becoming a pretty lame day :D

Iv been challenged by Gisselle to make my page look coolies! I hav an evil-plan about that too ... see, my granpa is a manual-designer for Nikon, he is super-coolies, they sent him to Japan for training multiple times ... He teaches people how to use the machines that build computer-chips ... and hes bound to hav some coolies HTML >:) hehehe ... plus ill d/l one'a thoe editors, use Yahoo!'s editor ... all the awesome tools at my disposal will create somethin very coolies to impress her! Ha!

Im thinkin im gonna go to jeffs n hav his dad use that 'battery recharger' that Jeff claims will charge my battery ... so that i will get my car running agin, use my car to go to work, then also use my car to carry my shit to jeff's home ... thats if he remembers ... I really dun wanna, but since i kno how it feels to be desparate fer somethin, i feel sorry for him, so ill jus deal wit it ...

No one has signed the guestbook since Emma ... That pisses me off ... its not hard, and it is really fun! You should, theres some interesting questions!!

Ack! magiccrystslball jus told me that my decision wasnt good!! damnit!! ... that scares me a lil .. but then agin, since i need to mkae decisions fer myself, maby ill was jus a lil trick, that taking the advice would be bad ... Plus, WTF does it kno? So im sticking to my plan :D

And im also gonna go start my day :D

ByeBye fer now!!

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