2002-07-02 @ 2:32 p.m.
Midday, was a quickie

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This sucks. well, i had a dream about guns n shit ... that was cool! but Lacey being gome sucks ... I keep thinking to go over there and show them exactly who they picked a fight with! It really pisses me off, the whole thing. I also noticed, wheres Dawn? shes also gone... did they take her with them? That would make things nicer, cuz then they be deterred from anything for fear Dawn hearing ... or maby Zeke got double-poon? Thats so very unlikely tho, I laughed ...

I kinda feel better now.. They prolly did take Dawn, altho maby shes at her granmas still, not able to use the puter..?

I very upset about somethin else too!! My oddly-setup stereo-computer-speaker-amp thing i had setup basically let me play my computer sounds/MP3'z thru my 4-speaker stereo, making the stereo act as an amp. Sweet huh? Well, las nite, it broke. the input broke, i cant make it work now!! So i used my super-cooll33t-skillz and make myself a really weird computer-speaker setup so that Id hav a chance to sleep las nite ... But im prolly gonna havta spend $50+ dollars on a sound-system now! im thinkin i can make Kiel not owe me any moneys in return for the one he was gonna replace. But thats last resort.

Back to the Lacey thing, im wondering how ryan is dealing with the separation anxiety... maby he killed himself? thatd save me alot of tyme. Id laugh if he went and found someelse to do, like getting together wit some funky-fat-chick HaHaHa!! That would be SO funny!! OMFG!! im feeling better already!

Shit someones here! *puts on shirt*

n/m, it was mail. I got mail, and the mail i got pissed me off. I got the patch for my Varsity jacket. WTF?! I graduated, i hav no Varsity jacket, but now they send me this patch?! Pisses me off!!

I keep meeting people thru reading their diarys .. it feels kinda weird, cuz i usually cant ask them the normal chat-meet questions, i kno them too well already! but at the same time, iv never talked to them before, so i dont really kno them, and shit, if someone who thinks they kno me irl read this, they wouldnt believe it, and if you jus read my diary, then you wont really expect what you'd find meeting me. Actually, i think becky would be the only person who wouldnt be like "oh my god, i think expect that" ... Wow ... I think she might actually know me. Now thats feels weird. ... *sits there stunned for about 5 minutes*

I did a whoel bunch of surveys las nite while I read emma's diary ... shes fairly fscked up, but then agin, isnt everyone? A few of her problems could be solved by a machete-wielding Juggalo, the others prolly wit a nice bowl of chocolate ice cream... she couns calories ... thats fscking weird! if i counted myne .. id prolly get, like 8000 a day ... except fer these few .. then id be closer to hers ...*shudders* ... Im gonna go find somethin to do, i dun like feeling lame n sitting here waiting fer somethin to happen. I shall go make somthin happen! w00t! *i stole Laceys word, i read her diary now like i used to read the bible ... she needs to come back soon*

***Random Bible Quote: "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." (Porverbs 16:3)***

^^True-Dat , and speaking of which, I need to get of of da house! .. this is lame!

ByeBye fer now!!

**Im in a good mood, i think**

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