2002-07-02 @ 10:37 p.m.

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Fuck newgett, like anybody give a fuck. You like to hunt alot, so fucking what?

I hav "Fuck the World" by I.C.P. stuck in my head .. im gonna turn on winamp so it goes away..

But anywayz .. when I logged off, i watched TV for a few hours .. the TV had nothing good on .. TV sux ..i cleaned the shower, fat-kid tryed to get uppity, so i locked him in my moms room .. And I took my game back. People gonna learn not to fuck wit me, shit. but anywayz, fixed my car, went to jordans . He got hit by a car. He got tyme off work.. We went up to the mall, i left my lites on in da parking alot, but these ppl told me so i turned them off ... I left the lites on too many tymes today, almost every tyme i left the car! im hella forgetful n ditzy today .. prolly cuz all iv eaten today was a jalapeno cheeseburger ... me n jordan were gonna go to Best Buy, but they were closing, we went to this one Carls Jr on greenback n san juan ... thats were the jalapeno cheeseburger came from ... then went to Kiels... i saw jill, but jill sux ... so then me n jordan got bored, so i took jordan to his home, then came home myself... kiel said i shouldnt 'jack on' .. i said "fsck you!" cuz i need my fix .. they dont understand how it feels to crave something like this i guess ... so anyways, i got home, put a lil transmission fluid in my car, then as it turns out, fat-kid didnt water the lawn, cuz hes too much a filty fat homosexual beastialitizing swine to be seen outside .. so i enjoyd the nitetyme n watered it myself ... then i asked if mom needed da phone, she was busy .. i got online, no one updated their diarys *shakes fist* so i loaded the newentry page then logged off ... so here i am, typing ..

surprizingly enough, i hav no rant ... i need to go get my $15 dolla'z tho .. and food ...

**Intermission : Got a sandwich, didnt get mah moneyz, got a rant**

Ok, i got me a sandwich :D It tasted Good. for those of you who may care *hehe...* it had Ranch dressing instead of Mayo, a piece of ham, cheese n a piece of cooked salami. Mmm... it seems that iv bein eating alot of sandwichs since Angelina. Or i jus started noticing them .. either way...

My car has this weird dust on it .. i clean my car a few dayze ago, and yet this thick brownish-black dust was all over it ... that was weird ... so when i was at jordans, me jordan n jordans sister drew in the dust all over the frond of my car. It was fun ...

It turns out i havnt heard from my sister in a long while... Plus i should prolly write a thank-you note to my dad n them, since they did send a $300 dolla' check.... Ill do that during a boring tyme when no ones on ...

*writes the thank you letter*

since Becky jus got on, and i cant think to rant of anything else ..

byebye fer now

fsck you


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